333 Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
If you like claw machines, then you might not make it past the entryway at XLanes. This Little Tokyo bowling alley greets customers with machines filled with teddy bears, My Melody plushes and other cute gift items that could be yours if the claw gods are on your side. Further down the hall is an arcade that's small in size, but crammed with large games that are as flashy as anything you'd see in a Vegas casino. Grab a few friends for Pac-Man Battle Royale. If you're flying solo, try the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones pinball machines. Got kids with you? The middle-school crowd seemed to dig the basketball hoops and rhythm games. For adults, there's a beer pong machine by the pool tables. Just mind the sign and refrain from pouring your beer into the cups. —Liz Ohanesian


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