United Bread & Pastry

1515 Griffith Park Blvd.
Los Angeles, California
United Bread & Pastry +

Michelle Zenarosa

Sandwiched between an upscale raw vegan restaurant and gourmet organic market, United Bread and Pastry is a remnant of Silver Lake history that newer residents may not know about, and is probably one of the few remaining artifacts that reminds you that the hipster wonderland wasn’t always all mustaches, upscale food fusions and yoga studios. Owner Andrea DeGuzman's journey began in 1985 while she worked as a medical assistant at Good Samaritan Hospital. Her husband Romeo, who was undocumented at the time, made income by giving Andrea the Filipino pastries he baked for her to sell to her co-workers. Before long, word spread and the couple was making a steady living off their kitchen. Her husband convinced her to quit her hospital job, get the small storefront and build a business. The first baked item that Romeo sold still continues to be the most popular. The siopao, Chinese-inspired pork buns, encases slow-cooked pork in a sweet, white chewy bread. They sell hundreds daily. If you’re really hungry, get the large sized one. It’s massive.The second most popular item is the adobo roll, which is a Spanish-inspired flaky roll that comes filled with chicken or pork. Filipino adobo is a hallmark dish of the Philippines, a luscious stew simmered in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and peppercorns. If you’re hungry for snacks, the joint is also fully stocked with Filipino drinks, chips, instant noodles, peanuts and homemade cakes, candies and family platters of your favorite pinoy dishes.

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