U Pick Cafe

4628 York Blvd
Los Angeles, California
U Pick Cafe

Ben Mesirow

U Pick Café occupies the corner spot in a desolate strip mall a couple doors down from a sleazy motel, less than half a mile from the bustling center of the new York but across a chasm of appearance and affect. The two storefronts to its left are empty, the ghostly remnants of a massage parlor and a combination check cashing/internet café/vape shop. To U Pick’s right is a gigantic Laundromat, dimly lit and mostly empty. U Pick, though, is bright and pleasant, unassuming but still inviting. It’s a simple shop, open kitchen behind glass counter with a big pictorial menu board on one wall and about ten tables. At first the menu looks as simple as the décor – there are Lule Kabobs and wraps and a falafel plate, hummus and tabbouleh and dolma like other pan-Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants around town. And those items are good, reasonably priced and delicious, perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

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