The Puka Bar - Closed

710 W. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA 90806


  • Daily 4pm-2am
This tight yet cozy lounge is a hardcore explosion of tiki from the ground up. A former dive, the bar comes fully decked out with bamboo reeds and real puffer fish lighting fixtures. Shaggy haired hipsters toss their tresses next to leather-clad bikers, all with some brightly colored tropical cocktails in hand. If you're thinking, "Cocktails are for &%@#*#@," you're sadly mistaken. Even with names like the Witch Doctor (a decadent mix of "jungle juice" and other mystic liquids) and the "Land Pirate" (a concoction of secret sauce and whiskey), these babies pack a punch. There's usually a DJ spinning six nights a week starting at around 9:30pm, but early patrons can entertain themselves by hitting the jukebox, which plays everything from Sublime to Johnny Cash.


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