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Taco Pete

12007 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90059
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Los Angeles is a city that happily takes its tacos standing up, and Taco Pete on Central Avenue in South L.A. is happy to oblige. The off-yellow walkup near Watts is a local favorite for its cheap takes on very inauthentic Mexican food. Tortillas are fried hard and emerge greasy, stuffed with salted strips of carne asada or simple ground beef and cheddar cheese shreds. You could try ordering french fries and basic burgers by shouting through the layers of security bars and bullet-proof glass, but it's best simply to point at the box of tacos that the person in front of you just picked up and tell them you want the same. You may not have any place to sit, but Taco Pete can still treat Los Angeles taco lovers to a good time.


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