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San Fernando Brewing Co.

425 Park Ave.
San Fernando, California
San Fernando Brewing Co.

Sarah Bennett


  • Thursday-Saturday, noon-10 p.m.; Sunday, noon-7 p.m.
San Fernando Brewing Co, a long-awaited production brewery in the oft-forgotten city of San Fernando, is now pouring beers out of its expansive taproom. The brewing team consists of Vic Chouchanian and Ryan Rogers, who met when they were 21 and the two started homebrewing together. They initially chose the name Street Sign Brewing (after a piece of city property they used to construct the scaffolding for their homebrew setup) and originally looked for a place to put a larger facility in Northridge, their hometown. In November 2013, they instead found a former garment factory in an industrial strip of nearby San Fernando, and with the blessing of the city, the fire department and the police, began an impressively speedy (for the beer world, anyway) buildout on what they decided to then call San Fernando Brewing Co. So far, the brewery produces five flagship beers: a stout, a wheat, a red ale, an IPA and a pale ale.

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