Rawk Studios & Cafe

10846 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Best Of
After initially experiencing success with RakSa, the Culver City “relaxation station” / juice bar, owner Apinya Pokachaiyapat has reinvented the space as … a relaxation station and breezy cafe that still serves juice. While the differences may seem slight on the page, the café itself has been revamped and opened up to allow for good vibes to float across all the wood and tile surfaces. Instead of simple juices, Rawk Café now serves a stable of treats and heartier dining options like light salads and fruit. Of course, those energy-boosting shakes and juice blends haven't gone away completely; it's just that now you can relax into a pillowy corner chair under a black-and-white print of an elephant while you sip on one. You'll need the time to reenergize, considering the yoga and cycling classes going on next door.



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