Ramen Champ

727 N. Broadway
Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
Ramen Champ

Photo by Anne Fishbein Preparing the Chicken shio

Ramen Champ's menu is made for quick decisions and cooking expediency. There are three kinds of ramen (tonkotsu, a chicken shio and a shiitake mushroom shio), three rice bowls and three snacks you can order to nibble on the side. Chicken belly (what's a chicken belly, you ask? Not a belly at all but two chicken thighs cooked sous-vide and then cut to look like pork belly) is fried and served with spicy mayo. The resulting crispy karaage is what chicken nuggets would taste like if the world was a good and just place. "Seasonal mushrooms" are also carefully and lovingly fried, and served with a white sauce that tastes just like the kind you'd get at a knife-tossing Japanese steakhouse if someone dumped a truckload of yuzu into the batch. Read our full review.

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