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Otherwild is a studio, a store and a gathering, workshop and event space. Otherwild was founded in 2012 within a vast, multi-disciplinary community of inspiring artists, craftspeople and designers. As a retail space, Otherwild offers a curated selection of goods from jewelers, ceramicists, perfumers, artists, cooks, designers, herbalists, quilters, farmers, garderners, fabricators, musicians, witches, woodworkers, curators, designers, weavers, photographers, dancers and publishers. We are dedicated to showcasing goods made with care by individuals. As a graphic design studio, Otherwild collaborates with creatives and institutions to create unique apparel, jewellery, publications, branding, websites and artist editions. Otherwild's design vision is distinctly cross-disciplinary, incorporating a passion and respect for the handmade into our work. We are dedicated to producing goods made within an ethically-sourced supply chain, which we research and adjust continually as we learn. Otherwild acts as a gathering space, hosting a variety of workshops taught by makers and practitioners, dance and music performances, readings, meetings, food swaps, lectures, publication launches, comedy nights, soirées, craft fairs, dance parties and more. Otherwild is committed to utilizing our resources to provide sustained support to our staff, vendors and suppliers, as well as grassroots and national social justice and health care organizations. We dedicate means within our business model to support ethical practices, advocacy and activism as we continue to evolve within an exploitative, extractive, extreme and excessive consumer capitalist culture.


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