Mar Vista Art Dept.

12513 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90066


  • 11-7pm Tuesday - Sunday Closed Mondays
This is the Art Department. A working art studio and artisan retail space started by DJ Neff & Amy Cherie. A place where artists work, create and showcase their ideas. We welcome local artisans into our space to help them grow and showcase their work. We've created this environment for people, like you, to feel inspired, learn a new craft and make something. We believe expression is vital and the art department is here to provide the tools you need to bring your idea into reality. MVAD is made up of a retail collective curated with handmade goods, as well as a workshop / event / coworking space. We are a place for people seeking creative outlets + inspiration. There's a little something for everyone at MVAD, whether you're shopping for the perfect gift, interested in learning woodworking or wanting to attend one of our private dinners.


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