Little Joy Cocktail Lounge

1477 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026


  • Daily 5pm-2am
A dive bar in the truest sense, Little Joy's cracking walls are covered with grime, their vinyl booths are tattered and sticky and the overhanging Budweiser lamps are dim. Pool tables are placed in the back and regulars slump over the bar. A jukebox generally crackles out a range of songs, but DJs and musicians often frequent the bar as well. Lacking a soda gun, mixers are poured from their two liter bottles often with less fizz then desired, and ice seems to be semi-nonexistent, but the bartenders are friendly. The crowd is generally artsy, gay and local. If you want to experience a real, unpretentious, whole-in-the-wall dive bar, Little Joy is the place for you. Bring cash - no credit cards are accepted.


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