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Las Palmas

1714 N. Las Palmas Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Las Palmas +

Lina Lecaro

H.Wood Group's 2010 resuscitation of this famously hard-to-get-into nightclub and restaurant (post-LAX, DJ AM's foray into club proprietorship that ran from 2003 to 2009) meant a return to its former Mexican splendor. Spanish tiles, brass details and the ever-trendy taco side menu add to the authentic feel of the space. Atmosphere aside, it's the A-list amigas once again frequenting the place that have put it on the radar of party people and paparazzi alike. Loyal Pennings, who was behind the original L.P. back in 1998, and partners John Terzian and Brian Toll, have the connections to get big parties into the place, such as Katy Perry's post-Grammy Awards gathering and the birthday bash for none other than miss Lindsay Lohan. Expect long lines and waits if you're not Lilo-lovely.



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