Knuckle & Claw - Closed

3112 W. Sunset Blvd
Silver Lake, California
Critics' Pick
Knuckle & Claw is the work of Chloe Dahl and Nikki Booth. The pair previously sold their rolls at the Brentwood and Beverly Glen farmers markets and now aim to bring the feel of a New England seafood shack to the heart of Silver Lake. While many others have voiced similar goals (the folks behind littlefork, Connie & Ted's, Fishing With Dynamite and the forthcoming Catch & Release), Dahl and Booth are keeping it simple. This is just a colorful little shack serving lobster rolls, some other seafood rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches and soups (when they've had time to make them). To that end, they've done a swell job of making this little slot of a space next to a car lot feel very much like a sunny beach eatery. The walls are a pleasing dark blue; the nautical prints on them and the wood-benched patio out the side create a distinctly oceanside vibe. You can sit out front and look out over the busses whizzing by on Sunset Boulevard and the graffiti across the street, but the interior is pleasingly transportive...Read more...--Besha Rodell

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