Jogasaki Sushi Burritos

Los Angeles, CA
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Jogasaki Sushi Burritos +

Photo by Elina Shatkin

The sushi burrito is undoubtedly one of the better food-truck creations dreamed up in the past couple of years. It's an exercise in practicality, really, the best of both worlds — a burrito bound in delicate soy paper, stuffed with all the flavors of a low-brow sushi roll, and blessed with the one-handed portability of a wrap. The samurai-sombrero'd Jogasaki Sushi Burrito truck at the forefront of the sushi burrito movement has served the tastiest mega-roll around since it debuted in 2010. The Special #1, which includes mayo-blended fake crab, a scoop of minced spicy tuna, slices of avocado, cucumber wedges, a sweet, thickened soy sauce and some crunchy shrimp tempura, is sizable enough to put most regular burritos to shame.
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