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Himalayan Cafe

36 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105
The popular and worthy All India Café is right across the street, but our preferences for subcontinental eating in Pasadena run a little northeast of India. Himalayan Café is a humble restaurant on the southern edge of Old Town, close enough to make parking a drag but far enough that you’re unlikely to be swarmed by shoppers. The restaurant itself is generally pretty quiet. The food, however, is anything but ordinary, from the thick-skinned and perfectly plump Himalayan dumplings called momo to the fabulous curries to the spiced meats that come sizzling out of the tandoori oven. Many of the dishes take the shape of more well-known Indian counterparts, but the flavors are distinctly different, earthy and warm and unusual in the best way.

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