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Harbor Room

195 Culver Blvd.
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Best Of
Plenty of drinkers have emerged from the phone-booth sized Harbor Room in Playa Del Rey, fortified by the strong drinks and feeling like they can save the world. The next door Italian joint has seen that look many times, which is why they stay stocked with starchy pasta and plenty of red sauce to ward off the crashing waves of cocktail delirium. Not that you could ever go that crazy inside the Harbor Room; the stiff concoctions come in glasses about as tall as the building itself, and you wouldn't have the elbow room to throw a punch. Instead, relax (as much as possible) with a large White Russian next to a faded Lakers poster and soak up the sounds of the nearby ocean. That is, when the jukebox isn't wheezing out mid-'70s pop tunes and the old sailors at the bar aren't swapping war stories.


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