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Los Angeles, CA 90046
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West Hollywood may be the biggest gay neighborhood in Los Angeles but a lot of the bars can get a little repetitive: same house beats, same $14 drinks, same music videos playing on the screens. There's one bar on the east end of the strip, however, that's a little more traditional and a little less pretentious: Fubar. Its name, which began in the U.S. army and stands for "Fucked up beyond all repair" (or recognition), is very fitting for the strong drinks made there. With porn on the screens, barely clad go-go dancers and dirty events like BFD (Big Fat Dick) and Unloaded Friday, this gay bar is definitely not the Abbey. Some call it a little "ratchet," but really it harkens more to the less mainstream gay bars of yesteryear before they started getting taken over by bachelorette parties. 7994 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood; (323) 654-0396, fubarla.com. —Michael Cooper

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