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  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
About Basketball Beauties League: Basketball Beauties is filling a void in women's basketball in Los Angeles. It was originally created as a ten-person entertainment travel team, made up of industry professionals - but once promotion got under way via social media, women all across the city reached out and expressed their interest in participating. The majority of the women shared the same sentiment – that there’s nothing of this caliber in the city where women can go to the gym and just “run”. Due to the overwhelming interest from so many women, the plan was quickly revised to create a multi-team program instead. Thus the Basketball Beauties League was born. The league is comprised of women – many that are entrepreneurs, that work in a variety of professions such as actresses, singers, publicists, models, producers, schoolteachers, basketball coaches, doctors and journalists. The common denominator between these powerful ladies is their love of basketball. They have all played at some point in their lives - be it in high school, college, semi pro (overseas) and pro. The ladies have been showcasing their talents in many exhibition and charity games since inception in 2015. In addition to the above, the Basketball Beauties put on basketball clinics for kids, and make special appearances to do motivational speaking to empower women and others. Basketball Beauties is changing the face of women’s basketball. With apparel and television projects planned for the near future – the possibilities are endless.


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