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Los Angeles, California
Burgerlords +

Sarah Bennett


  • 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Hailed as the first of its internet-era kind, Burgerlords is a popular Tumblr page that became an eatery serving up the very thing the blog spent years obsessing over. But does eating and re-blogging your way through L.A., arguably the country's best city for burgers, qualify you to start making your own? What if your family business is The Oinkster, a burger and sandwich joint with two locations whose annual Burger Week is the stuff of gluttonous legend? Fred and Max Guerrero are aiming to find out. The two are sons of Oinkster owner Andre Guerrero and worked with their dad for years, all while maintaining the Burgerlords Tumblr, which has always been rife with photos of local burger porn, meaty memes and gifs of cheesy waterfalls.A few weeks ago, they opened a real-life Burgerlords -- a food shack inside Chinatown's Central Plaza, steps away from the bronze Bruce Lee statue. Burgers are certainly unique for the neighborhood. There are dozens of old-school Chinese restaurants within walking distance, as well as newer restaurants like Chego, Ramen Champ, Little Jewel and Pok Pok, all of which are making Chinatown a dining destination. But burgers? The closest burger of interest is up Broadway at Chimney Coffee, where their Asian-style larb burger is inspired by a Thai 7-Eleven.Burgerlords makes American burgers of the classic sort: a beef patty covered by melted orange cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onions on a cushy, white-bread bun. For spread, a simple thousand island will do.

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