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BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert

250 W. Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, california
BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert

Jim Thurman

Lines stretching along an eatery on Valley Boulevard have become a familiar sight over the last couple of years. But, this time it isn’t a hot new restaurant featuring Chengdu-style Sichuan fare. This time the lines announced the opening of the first U.S. location of BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert in San Gabriel and the crowds came for grass jelly.There are 17 desserts on the menu, including four with grass jelly, three with matcha (green tea powder) and four with aiyu jelly – made from the seeds of a type of fig. You choose whether you want your grass jelly dessert served icy, cold, warm or hot. The most popular option is #1, which comes with boba, taro balls and sweet potato balls. On its own, grass jelly can have a slightly tart, mint-like flavor. That’s not a problem here, as the grass jelly is smooth and the syrup sweet, though coffee creamer is provided in case you desire it sweeter. The taro and sweet potato provide a different texture, not unlike mochi.

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