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Alison Freebairn-Smith

264 S. Topanga Canyon
Topanga, CA 90290


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Corazón Performing Arts About Us Classes Events & Workshops Tribal Arts Coraz?n Performing Arts offers a centrally located space in the heart of beautiful Topanga Canyon, CA in what is known as the "Old Center". Our aim is to foster creative expression through supporting the work of dance teachers, musicians, poets, healers and artists. We also focus on showcasing the work of living Master artists through one of a kind "workshop" experiences and private concerts/events. Adorned with Tribal textiles, rugs & antiquities, featuring limited edition broadsides, books and artwork (for sale, by the way!) and providing a stunning 500 sq ft pure hickory spring floor designed for movement, Coraz?n Performing Arts was created for those seeking to nurture all things expressive! Our space is perfect for small events for 50-100 people depending on display or performance area. Please contact us for more info on renting space for private event.


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