Load Boost – The best supplement to increase your semen volume

Have you ever wondered how to increase semen volume production? Wouldn’t it be great to increase your ejaculation volume by taking a supplement? Load Boost is, probably, one of the best semen volume supplements out there that will help you to increase your semen production and, thereby, improve your sex life.

How to cum more?

A paper by Naina Kumar and Amit Kant Singh that was published in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences states that around 8 to 12 % of couples worldwide have problems with conceiving. In almost half of the cases, the reason is due to male infertility. Worldwide, around 2 % of all men experience suboptimal sperm parameters (Journal of Human Reproductive Science; 2015 Oct-Dec; 8(4): 191-196).

However, your ejaculation volume can change daily. If you want to cum more there are several factors you can influence:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Take natural supplements
  3. Do not ejaculate for about 5 days

The last suggestion is not an option for many people. Therefore, we want to concentrate on how to cum more with the help of the best semen volume supplements in this article!

How to increase your semen volume with Load Boost

Load Boost offers some of the best cum pills on the market. They contain three important supplements which can help to increase semen volume and, thereby, your ejaculation volume. These supplements are Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, and Zinc.

In the following, we will have a look at how these supplements can affect your semen volume and your prostate health.

Saw Palmetto

For decades people have used Saw Palmetto to effectively treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. The supplement contains the active component Permixon, a fatty acid, which helps to relax the muscles of the Urethra. Thereby, a larger lumen is created which allows a faster flow of urine and semen. Men suffering from BHP can benefit from this aspect.

Furthermore, Saw Palmetto inhibits the 5-Alpha Reductase. 5-Alpha Reductase is an enzyme that enables the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. In comparison to testosterone, DHT is much more potent and active. It does not only cause inflammation of the prostate but also scarring. Eventually, this will lead to BHP.

By inhibiting 5-Alpha Reductase, Saw Palmetto prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT which can lead to BHP. In addition, decreased DHT levels can help men avoid baldness.

Because of its many benefits, Saw Palmetto is widely used as a safe and effective supplement. Many physicians across the globe recommend it to their patients to prevent BHP. At the same time, the health risks associated with Saw Palmetto are minimal and outweighed by the benefits of the supplement.

Saw Palmetto is used by men all over the world to produce more sperm and make their orgasms more intense. To increase your prostate health and to help improve your sexual drive, the Load Boost best cum pills contain this supplement.


Pygeum is nothing else than an extract from African tree bark. The extract is also known under the name Pygeum Africanuum and is able to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. This supplement contains the active extract Beta-Sitosterol, a fatty acid.

Now, we want to have a look at the many health benefits of Pygeum:

  1. Like Saw Palmetto, Pygeum inhibits the 5-Alpha Reductase and, thereby, reduces the level of DHT and the risk of getting BPH.
  2. Furthermore, Pygeum is known to decrease the hormone Prolactin which will raise the level of DHT and, therefore, lead to abnormal prostatic growth. Pygeum can reduce the molecules Leukotrienes and 5-Lipoxygenases which both lead to scar tissue.
  3. Pygeum can help to increase both the volume and the quality of your semen. The supplement will raise the level of proteins and alkaline phosphatase in your semen and, thereby, make it more basic. This will, finally, help your semen to buffer the acidic environment of the female vagina.
  4. The supplement can increase men’s’ urinal flow by up to 25 % and reduce the amount of urine that is left in the bladder after urinating. Another positive effect is that the supplement helps to reduce your urge to urinate during the night by about 20 %.
  5. Prostate cancer, usually, starts with abnormal growth of the prostate cells. However, research shows that taking Pygeum can help to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer by decreasing the levels of DHT.

Pygeum is known to be an effective and safe supplement that can help you cum more. Therefore, it is used in the best semen volume supplements such as Load Boost. Besides this, it also acts as a fertility booster and helps you achieve better urine control.


Zinc cannot only be found in different foods but also in the best cum pills. When you consume zinc both your testosterone concentration in your blood and your semen volume with its sperm concentration will increase.

But what exactly does zinc do to your body? The supplement increases your sperm production, the spermatogenesis. However, when ejaculating 9 % of your body’s total zinc will be expelled.

When your zinc levels are low, your body will replace the zinc in your semen with phosphorus. By doing so, your ejaculate’s integrity can be maintained. Phosphorus, however, has a rather sour taste. Furthermore, it smells a little bit like garlic. By giving zinc to your body, you can improve the taste of your cum which makes sex more enjoyable for your partner.

Because of its many benefits, zinc can be found in our Load Boost best cum pills.

Increase your semen volume with Load Boost

If you’ve ever wondered how to increase semen volume, now you have the answer: Load Boost. These best cum pills contain the three valuable supplements Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Zinc.

These best semen volume supplements will not only increase your sex drive and your semen volume but also help your prostate health. No wonder that thousands of men across the globe are excited about Load Boost and how it improved their sex life.

If you want to find out more about how Load Boost can improve your prostate health, watch this video!

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