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Liz Kennedy is very different from just being another beauty influencer, she is a an inspirational source of change. Kennedy first arrived on the beauty scene when she represented a number of different beauty products, catapulting her to becoming a famous on-air TV host. Kennedy has dedicated her life’s work to being an influence for women from all different backgrounds and socioeconomic status’.

Kennedy is a strong proponent that women in society are faced with a losing situation, as modern society confines them to one of two distinct area- be a good girl and a future mother, or be a crazed and career-driven workaholic. Kennedy was raised by a single mother, and she wants to remove any societal stigmas that women cannot simultaneously be mothers and successful business owners.

Women face pressures that go above and beyond what society labels them as, as they are increasingly more prone to violence than men. Regardless of such facts, women still feel the need to make men feel pleased, and comfortable. They do this by making significant strides to adhere to unreasonable beauty standards, all while avoiding the preconceived notion that they are emotional and irrational.

Kennedy seeks to absolve such alarming patterns, she allocates her time to give deserving women a transformative makeover. Kennedy is conscious of the fact that she cannot alone reshape the cultural landscape, but she can do everything in her power to help women find inner and outer beauty. Kennedy implements her influential platform as a means to help women understand the idea of inner beauty, she also gives women advice on how to achieve external beauty.

Kennedy relates to the burdensome pressures women face when attempting to fit the mold of an innocent girl, or mother. She spends a significant amount of time giving women digital makeovers, attempting to the alleviate any assumptions made about the process of pregnancy. This fortifies that there is nothing wrong with women, and that they are not alone. Kennedy establishes a safe zone for women to bond over similar experiences, creating solidarity and belief in women.

Kennedy wants to eliminate the cycle of being shamed as a mother and business owner. She acts as an inspiration for women everywhere, displaying that they can be successful in both environments. Kennedy continues her mission to inspire women, serving as a great example to show that women do not need to choose between a career or motherhood, as they have the propensity to be successful at both She is also integral in creating a safe and positive space for women to share stories about abuse, as well as difficulties with pregnancy. Liz Kennedy is not just a beauty influencer, she is a powerful figure that promotes a much-needed cultural shift.


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