One of the greatest modern inventions of all time is the vape. Heavy Hitters’ groundbreaking move to put oil into cartridges forever changed the landscape of how we consume cannabis, and we thank them for it, especially for their live resin. Gone are the days of smoking through paper towel rolls and napkins. No more coughing fits or pipe residue shooting down your throat. Honestly, thinking back to the early days our weed journey, the way we partook seems almost barbaric in comparison to the dignified methods used now. 

With vapes being on the market for some time now, it’s likely you need no introduction to this smokable art form. However, you should be aware of what’s in your cartridge, or cart. 

If you’re a consumer who likes fresh, natural taste, Heavy Hitters is going to hit you, well, heavy. They make two kinds of portable vape pen carts for you to enjoy: Full Spectrum and Ultra Premium Distillate. 

Their Full Spectrum carts are their freshest, made with 100% live resin. One hundred percent – this means your resin is whole-plant based and fresh frozen with an unaltered terpene profile that’s never refined. 

Their Ultra Premium Distillate is the original premium potent cannabis with 90%+ concentrate, crafted from only the very best ingredients. It is the purest form of THC available in a vape device, period. If you love your THC, Heavy Hitters’ Ultra Premium Distillate vapes will get you good. 


Heavy Hitters offers dozens of strains all in high-potency formats – from 1g cartridges to All-In-Ones and Live Resin cartridges. They’re the original distillate vape company and still pushing the envelope every day to deliver exciting new products. 

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