Little King Finds Global Love with Amuse De Q 

Amuse De Q” is the title track from Little King’s most recent release. The song is an examination of solitude and yearning…and a tale of romance that can only be consummated by the miracle of modern technology. Mental Health and the effects of isolation, enforced or otherwise, are at the forefront of the lyrical content (available on this lyric video!)

Musically, “Amuse De Q” has a seamless flow of force and nuance. With a catchy and complex riff melding with the rhythm section’s sparse groove, the track segues into bombastic rock replete with violin, cello, and power trio triumph.

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Little King performers on this track: Ryan Rosoff (Guitar and Vox), Manny Tejeda (Bass and Vox), Eddy Garcia (Drums), David Hamilton (Cello), Christina Hernandez (Violin). The song was recorded at Krank Studios in El Paso and was engineered by Garcia, produced by Rosoff, mixed by Daniel Salcido, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum Video was created by Vien Nguyen with invaluable footage and assistance from Nicci Radhe.

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