Last week, L.A. Weekly contributor Jeff Weiss sat down with Dublab/Low End Theory DJ and artist Kutmah to talk about his controversial deportation.

It was the first interview Kutmah, born Justin McNulty, had granted since being pulled out of his Mt. Washington home in the wee hours and transported in shackles to a processing facility in New Mexico.

“It was like a prison,” he said, “24-hour lock down.”

After two months, he was officially expelled from the U.S. and flown to the U.K., where he's since settled temporarily in Manchester.

But despite all this, Kutmah sounded genuinely positive about his next steps — he plans to travel, show some of the art he created while locked up, and return to music in earnest.

It's in that spirit that he delivers the latest Stones Throw podcast, a fifty-minute mix featuring a ton of unreleased gems — including a Flying Lotus track and a Fugees remix — called “Throwing Stones.”

Download “Stones Throw Podcast 61: Kutmah – Throwing Stones” direct through iTunes, or visit the label's page over here for more info.

For those lucky enough to be in London (willingly) on August 14, Kutmah will be performing on the first day of a massive three-night Brainfeeder event.

Throwing Stones:

1. Kutmah – One For Gonjasufi (Unreleased)

2. Royce The 5''9 + Busta Rhymes – Dinner Time

3. Fugees – Remix By Jon Wayne (Unreleased)

4. Cupp Cave – Juniper (Unreleased)

5. Aadvark – Dunk

6. Lapti – Theremin Joint (Unreleased)

7. Sam Baker Shit – Where Am I (Unreleased)

8. Samiyam Feat. Jon Wayne – Jwsb Bootleg (Unreleased)

9. Mainframe Feat. Blu – That Shit (Unreleased)

10. Dibiase – Sheets Ruff Cut (Unreleased)

11. Zackey Force Funk – Drink On The Floor (Prod: Piotrus Pan, Unreleased)

12. Ras G – Kings Riddim (Unreleased)

13. Manson Girls

14. Pace One – I'm That Good (Unreleased)

15. Alex B Feat. Count Bass D – Drip Splatter Alpha Pup

16. Jon Wayne – Taking Over Empires' (Prod: Dibia$E)

17. Dem Hunga – Jllyblly (Unreleased)

18. Ras G – Ras/Glk (Unreleased)

19. Flying Lotus – Slow It Down (Unreleased)

20. Mono/Pony – Glow (Unreleased)

22. Jon Wayne Beat (Unreleased)

23. Kankick – Dig The Tradition 99

24-30. Madlib

31. Danny Drive Thru – Vertua Rap

32. Mobb Deep – Shook Vunz Dunny

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