List Of The Top Eight Doctors To Follow In 2022

It takes a special sort of individual to look at the trials of the medical industry and decide that they want to follow that path. The educational requirements alone are not for the faint of heart. Even for those who make it through the years of education and training, the journey is not over.

For many, the emotional toll of the medical industry is a deal-breaker. Success in the medical field requires courage, determination, pride in their work, grit and above all else, a desire to help others. It’s a rare combination. But with that said, some have met those requirements and blown them out of the water.

Here are the top eight doctors to follow in 2022.

Dr. Harrison Lee

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Dr. Harrison Lee is a triple board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He opened his first practice in 1998 to cater to everyone from all racial and gender backgrounds and has since expanded to Beverly Hills, New York City, and even Dubai.

Throughout his life, Harrison has been passionate about helping people but, more specifically, the less fortunate, which is why in all of his practices, he performs not only cosmetic plastic procedures but also reconstructive surgeries for those who have congenital deformities. With his passion as his driving force, he quickly became recognized as a world expert in multiple surgical procedures, including V-line surgery, facial bone surgery and Facial Feminization surgery. Not only are his innovations in the sector evident and globally renowned, but so is his mission –to assist those in need of surgeries to help them grow as human beings to live their lives to the fullest! To learn more about Dr. Harrison Lee, click here.

Dr. Boris M. Ackerman, MD

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Boris M. Ackerman, M.D. is an Ivy League trained board-certified plastic surgeon, a pioneer of the Deep Plane Facelift, the gold standard of modern approach to facelift surgery. Dr. Ackerman has brought forth improved techniques in facial surgery using endoscopy and laser technology, making him the “go to” surgeon for facial rejuvenation surgery. He is also an expert in Facelift for Men.

Dr. Ackerman has also lectured widely in various public forums and has been featured on TV, as well as in numerous publications. Graduate of M.I.T. and Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Ackerman has been in practice for over 25 years. For more information, visit Dr. Boris M Ackerman’s social media linked above.

Dr. Brandon Richland

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Dr. Richland is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in advanced facial aesthetics and body contouring. He excelled at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, receiving numerous awards and graduating at the top of his class. Soon after, he completed his plastic surgery training at the University of California at Irvine, one of the nation’s most elite and rigorous residency programs, becoming the first and only two-time academic achievement award recipient. Dr. Richland is passionate about being at the forefront of science and technology and takes pride in offering his patients only the best. Not only has he pioneered surgical techniques such as his trademarked Hidden Scar Tummy Tuck™, Natural Internal Bra™, and Menopause Makeover™ but he is constantly praised for only delivering top-notch client care. His tireless innovation and dedication within the sector have helped his patients not only look their best version of themselves, but feel their best as well. Modern facilities, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing growth allow his patients to receive the finest care at his state-of-the-art facilities, offering two convenient Orange County locations, both Newport Beach and Fountain Valley. To learn more about Dr. Richland and his surgical innovations click here.

Dr. Rami Albahri

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Dr. Rami Albahri is an internationally recognized Surgical Prosthodontist licensed in the United States, UAE and Canada. He is currently located in Abu Dhabi and has degrees from Harvard Medical School and the NYU College of Dentistry. His father, Dr. Samih Al Bahri, established the AlBahri Dental and Orthodontic Center 44 years ago, in 1978. After Dr. Albahri joined, he optimised the practice to a multi-specialty dental center while franchising it along with its academic and public health impact. He has future intentions to open a practice in Los Angeles, California, as part of his continued growth both nationally and internationally. Dr. Albahri is not only a clinician but also a true leader in minimally invasive dental prosthetics and dental implant surgery. He began this groundbreaking work with a significant research collaboration in the biomaterials field for surgical and prosthetic purposes. He continues to work as an educator, researcher, entrepreneur, and international lecturer. To learn more about Dr. Rami Albahri, click here.

Dr. Erez Dayan

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Dr. Erez Dayan is a Harvard-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon, author, and researcher and has been named the top plastic surgeon in Nevada by Top Doctors Magazine while receiving numerous patient choice and doctors’ choice awards. The highly touted Doctor has been a pivotal investigator for a collection of funded grants from the most innovative healthcare companies at the forefront of aesthetic science, including Allergan, Galderma, InMode, and MTF Biologics. Over the past decade, he has been and continues to be an active educator, key opinion leader, and lecturer in the sector. He has even co-developed a leading online resource ( that educates other practitioners in the field on the most effective and safe techniques and technologies to treat patients –empowering thousands of experts across the globe. Dr. Dayan’s practice, Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, is an internationally recognized and published center for aesthetic treatments, research, and development. They offer the most advanced and diverse technology available among any center in the country, and have been named a national center of excellence for laser treatments, minimally invasive skin tightening, and face and body contouring procedures. To learn more about Dr. Erez Dayan and his practice, click here.

Dr. Erin Kinney

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Dr. Erin Kinney is a Naturopathic Doctor, speaker, and podcast host who helps stressed-out patients improve their mood, balance their hormones and increase their energy levels. Since opening her practice in 2012, she has helped many patients rebalance their health and take better care of their bodies. Throughout her career, she has taught thousands of patients how to regain control over their health and lives by understanding what causes stress. Patients from all over the country seek her help in overcoming chronic disease through lifestyle changes, diet, and natural remedies. In addition to naturopathic and nutrition services, Dr. Kinney offers accountability coaching and a supplement line called Optimal Harmony that focuses on balancing hormones and blood sugar levels. As the alternative and holistic healthcare field develops immensely, she soon plans to offer online courses and release a book to help people heal their bodies through natural methods. To learn more about Dr. Erin Kinney, click here.

Dr. Sheila Babarino

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Dr. Sheila Babarino, FACS, is an awarding-winning oculofacial and entire body cosmetic surgeon, industry innovator, world-renowned lecturer, key opinion and thought leader, trainer on expert techniques for injectables, lasers, aesthetic devices, surgical procedures, and author of over 15 articles in highly prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Since opening her first practice in 2010, Barbarino Surgical Arts, in Los Angeles, California, she has successfully combined the science of medicine with her artful aesthetic eye and highly skilled expertise in surgical and non-surgical modalities to help patients achieve pleasing, natural-looking facial and full body rejuvenation. Her incredible female perspective and extensive experience gives her patients outstanding results that few other surgeons in the world can parallel. After years of success and devotion to her Los Angeles patients, she was able to extend her talents to open an Austin, Texas, location in 2018 as well. Earlier this year, Dr. Babarino won a My Passion Project award that helps unite, educate and train surgeons from underserved countries worldwide, depicting her compassion and caring nature for her patients and the entire global sector. Dr. Barbarino specializes in helping her patients achieve natural-looking results so they can look and feel like the best version of themselves. To learn more about Dr. Sheila Babarino, click here.

Dr. Jennifer Newman Keagle

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Dr. Jennifer Newman Keagle is a board-certified and highly skilled female aesthetic and reconstructive Plastic Surgeon in Downtown LA and the Arts District. She is well known for her valuable advice and sympathetic nature. Given that she is one of the few female surgeons in Los Angeles, she provides her patients with a one-of-a-kind boutique experience solely focused on providing top-notch patient care. With more than over fifteen years of expertise, her appointments are conducted with a nonjudgmental and sympathetic approach, enabling her patients to open up and discover their inner beauty. Dr. Keagle’s most significant professional accomplishment has been ensuring that her patients receive the finest treatment possible. She is distinct from the typical plastic surgeon and a breath of fresh air, which is why many individuals portray her as extremely humble. To learn more about Dr. Keagle, click here.

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