Lions Not Sheep: The Company That Set the #FJB and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Tee Shirt Trend

Over the past year its clear to say that many disapprove of the current political state of the nation. The hashtag #FJB can be found trending on all social media platforms, and the recent viral sensation Lets Go Brandonwas born from meme culture when Nascar racer Brandon Brown recently won his first Xfinity race and was interviewed post-race with fans chanting in the stands.

The chants by the fans were f*** Joe Biden!” in protest of his so far failed presidency, but the reporter during the interview pretended the chants echoed Lets go Brandon!’ in an effort to conceal what was really being overheard.

If you perform a search online or on Amazon for either of these phrases simply printed on a tee shirt, almost certainly your number one search result will be an apparel company by the name of Lions Not Sheep”. The company was founded by Sean Whalen, a successful entrepreneur, Investor, and one of the best authors in the country. He is the writer of Amazons bestselling book How to Make Sh*t Happen, transforming thousands of lives across the country.

Thousands of people are repping the Lions Not Sheep apparel brand, and are essentially making a public declaration that they will not back down, and that they represent a generation of Lions. The movement feels you have two choices; to lead or be led. Some of their most popular products consist of the FJB, Lets Go Brandon, and Lions Not Sheep phrases.

Customers, followers, and patrons of Lions Not Sheep are proud to say they are a generation of leaders and a generation of lions. Many of whom wear these shirts, including professional athletes and celebrities, wear them as a public declaration of their support of freedom, and efforts to better themselves through strength, honesty, and integrity.

The Lions Not Sheep team is growing rapidly and increasing in sales each month. In fact, they recently surpassed over one million dollars in monthly revenue. Their products are for sale on their website as well as on Amazon, where their products have thousands of five star reviews. Throughout the past year they have had over 700 stores taken down from trying to imitate their popular products. Be sure to keep an eye out for the very appealing black Friday and cyber Monday promotion every year.

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