LinkMe: Your New Digital I.D.

While there are numerous platforms that allow us to connect with others — like TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat — there is a new platform that is connecting users in a different way. LinkMe is set to launch in the coming weeks and redefines the way we connect with others and share our information.

On traditional social media platforms, it can be tedious to input all of the information necessary when using the application. LinkMe is creating a new, simpler way to do so. Users can scan and link profiles, which allows them to easily share profiles across various platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Depop, PlayStation, Spotify, WhatsApp, PayPal and many more. Users are able to selectively choose which profiles to share and how much information you would like to share with any person you meet.

The concept for the new tech startup came about when the brand’s co-founders, Net Kohen and Val Share, were working on a project. While at a meeting discussing booking rapper  NLE Choppa for an event, they found themselves wasting time having to share phone numbers and Instagram profiles with promoters. This took over 15 minutes to complete, so they decided to create LinkMe.

“Val and I noticed that It takes a very long time to share all the platforms you’re on” says CEO Net Kohen. “We created LinkMe so you could share every platform you’re on and all your information in seconds.”

LinkMe also shows the exact location where you connect with someone, so long gone are the days of wasting even more time wondering where someone’s number came from. The platform has already generated lots of buzz as they get ready for a Tesla giveaway promotion, where all you have to do is download the app for an entry, and invite a friend to download the app for an additional entry. If you prefer cold, hard cash, you have the option to select a $25k prize instead of the Tesla. There will also be 100 winners that receive $20-$100 Amazon gift cards, and 10 winners will take home a PlayStation 5.

Aside from the ability to share information with others, LinkMe also has social networking capabilities. Users can engage using the ‘Shout’ feature, which is like a combination of snapchat and twitter. In a time where people may be hesitant to get up close and personal, users are able to scan one another’s QR codes from 6+ feet away.

To learn more about LinkMe, download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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