Lil’ Hippo NFT Prepares to Open Up Public Minting, Youth Financial Education and Crypto Workshops to Its Holders

When the Metaverse was first announced to the public, many people and businesses alike were eager to get on board. To give a couple of examples, you may have noticed that Facebook changed its name to Meta, or that the U.S. Military has been experimenting with a potential Military Metaverse. It’s without question to say that the Metaverse is emerging right before our eyes. And if one isn’t educated on it, they’ll be left behind in the future of social interaction.

Entrepreneur Kiarash Behain, the owner of “Rundown Media”—and proud father of two kids—has something significantly special in the works. That something is a major extension of Lil’ Hippo , an NFT project that represents “helping the next generation enter the Metaverse.” Lil’ Hippo NFT is recognized for its creative designs and strong-growing community of holders. The project has been conquering the internet by holding live minting sessions, producing original music, and holding talent shows open to worldwide audiences. All of that alone makes this NFT the most creative of them all. But the #1 utility this NFT represents—setting it apart from its predecessors—is education. Lil’ Hippo’s determination to educate the youth has resulted in the creation of an exciting new program.

When Behain first introduced this NFT project to the world, along with his two kids, he never imagined it would be where it is today. His goal was to inspire the youth, motivate others, and bring clarity to financial literacy. Now, he’s doing all of the above—all while building a strong legacy. But what’s true success without a little negativity?

Due to doubters, attacks, and false allegations, Lil’ hippo has gone through the most unique NFT release/launch to date.

Although it hasn’t been around too long, Lil’ Hippo NFT has proven itself worthy of unwavering success. But unfortunately, its victory brought forth a group of doubters. Some couldn’t understand how Lil’ Hippo was able to prosper so quickly—connecting thousands of holders in a short period of time—and others wanted to incite controversy by spreading rumors about the project. Regardless of the logic behind these countless attacks, they never prevailed. The rumors have all been shut down, and the problematic doubters were outshined by overwhelming support and good vibes.

“This project was created to help the youth, and there are adult bullies acting more like kids than kids. How ironic is that?” Kiarash Behain says, laughing off the negativity.

Despite the hate, Lil’ Hippo remains the most empowering NFT there is. In fact, the community grew larger and more relevant since, attracting a wider range of positive attention.

Minting events have become popular in the Lil’ Hippo community as well.

When dealing with NFTs, minting is a basic requirement. Minting is simply defined as generating a personal token on the blockchain to make it buyable. This process is important, and something Lil’ Hippo does a great job of involving its holders in—every single step of the way.

For the first 6 months of this NFT, the minting events were private and have been able to build the community of holders to 2,200 holders—and over 6,500 minted total!

Over the last few months, Behain has been privately teaching children in private Google Hangout workshops.

“We have been working with a dozen kids, teaching them about crypto, NFTs, money management, Metaverse, and more,” Behain said in a recent interview with our sources. “Our mission is to open them up to the future, allow them to speak to each other and learn from each other.” Furthermore, the Rundown Media CEO went on to share even bigger news. Very soon these sessions will be open to all children of Lil’ Hippo NFT holders! For the kids who are willing to learn the game and grow their digital assets, this is a phenomenal start.

The youth workshops will still be private, but they’ll give NFT holders’  children access to the Lil’ Hippo NFT private discord (for holders only). In the private discord, their kids will be able to join in on the weekly workshops and learn financial literacy with the rest of the group. This will empower the kids to empower their peers, which will (in retrospect) inspire more kids to increase their financial knowledge. With so much happening in today’s society, these children have a head start at changing the future. By learning the greatest tools of tomorrow—financial literacy, tech, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and of course, the Metaverse—the youth will have the opportunity to make a significant change.

Lil’ Hippo’s youth empowerment program is a great transition into the virtual world, as it stays true to its mission to help the next generation enter the Metaverse. Behain’s announcement—to open this project to the public—makes it one of the most highly anticipated moments recorded in NFT history. “I’m beyond excited. This has been in the making for 6 months, and it’s finally here,” the Rundown Media CEO/Lil’ Hippo founder says. He certainly isn’t alone there, as his excitement is shared by other like minded individuals and intellects. The NFT and crypto communities across the globe are also anticipating this forthcoming change.

What’s not to love about this project? Not only do the hippos look cool, but they’re setting groundbreaking records, holding the largest minting spaces, and educating youth on financial literacy—even in the midst of negative energy. Through every obstacle (and hater) in its way, the Lil’ Hippo NFT remains innocent, underestimated, and triumphant!

Visit the official website for the Lil’ Hippo NFT here.

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