Light-it  Creates a Path-Breaking App Designed for Diabetics

Light-it , the healthcare software development company, has developed an easy-to-use, all-in-one app for diabetics.

Light-it , the healthcare software development company, has developed an innovative app called Daily Glucose, designed for diabetics. This is a free and automated app offering constant updates to diabetes patients.

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Daily Glucose is an all-in-one app, which is easy to use. Patients simply need to enter their daily personal data. The app tracks and processes the information, rendering valuable insights and tips for their daily health. The app helps diabetics choose more effective courses of action and understand their health evolution better.

The app promises to bring a revolutionary change in the way patients manage their diabetes.

Daily Glucose app comes laced with the following features:

  • Data entry: It tracks the daily routine of users (meal times, physical activity, insulin, and others).
  • Data management: Saves data and lets users see their records and export data, at the same time, providing privacy and safety.
  • Data processing: Based on the data entered, the app provides health evolution data and 100% personalized and real-time insights.
  • Suggests solution: Provides solutions based on users’ specific conditions to leverage their lifestyle, such as offering restaurant information that serve particular foods, giving latest news and podcasts on diabetes, and letting users communicate with other diabetics.

The app serves as a constant companion to diabetics. Patients can feel at ease, as they now know how their health condition is evolving. The app increases patient engagement. This motivates them to follow the right lifestyle to manage their condition well.

The world is reeling under an alarming increase of diabetes. There are other apps, but they fail to give a complete solution to diabetics. Besides, they are not as friendly and straightforward as this app.

Only a diabetic knows how cumbersome and, at times, monotonous it can get to manage diabetes. Many patients get discouraged at some point in time. This can prove to be dangerous to their health.

Daily Glucose solves these problems. It comes as a promising digital solution for patients seeking better insight into their condition.

This app from Light-it  is a user-friendly, simple app that anybody can use. A demo of this app is available on the company website.

Light-it ’s endeavors are targeted towards transforming the future of healthcare. Their custom web and mobile apps for doctors, clinics, health startups, and med-tech companies are ground-breaking in nature.

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