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Have you ever come across a post that emotionally touched you or aesthetically pleased you, and you stare at it for a while and later find yourself stalking the whole profile? Well, there are chances that you are impressed by the content and are likely to follow that Influencer. Rachid El Khabbachi a.k.a. JM, with his creative content, and long-lasting connection with the audience, has become one of the fastest-growing social media influencers on Instagram.

Rachid hosts live sessions on Instagram every two days to connect with his fans and respond to their queries. “My fans make me who I am, and I do not mind walking an extra mile for them.” says the famous blogger as he expressed what he felt about his fans. 

JM gives inspirational speeches via his Instagram stories and live sessions to motivate and inspire people with his personal experiences. He often communicates to the masses that if he can do it, then anybody can, and his down to earth personality is the key to his rapid success on Instagram. 

He has the experience of working with multiple brands and impressing them with his sheer dedication and loyalty. Rachid, whenever asked about his working style, talks about loyalty as his core value. Khabbachi is loved by people of all ages and is quite popular, especially amongst youth. 

JM, knowing that he had little knowledge about social media marketing, watched online tutorials, and started applying those techniques to reach out to brands and make successful collaborations. More than being liked for his social media handling techniques, Khabbachi is loved for being humble and loyal to whoever he works with. 

The audience feels emotionally connected to him and relates to whatever he has to say in his posts. Rachid El Khabbachi has earned an organic fan base over a brief period and continues to remain one of the fastest-growing lifestyle influencers on Instagram. 


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