Lifestyle Expert Molly My Inspires You to Celebrate Every Day

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Photography: Ssam Kim

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Between work, family, relationships, and the rest, it can be hard to find time for yourself. Lifestyle expert Molly My, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Molly My Mag, believes every day is full of opportunities to celebrate life. Molly uses her platform to spread positivity and wisdom, empowering her audience to live fulfilled and happy lives through content focused on style, wellness, relationships, culture, décor, and everything else that makes life worth celebrating.

At an early age, Molly recognized that most media inevitably fostered insecurity rather than strength and confidence. Instead of helping young women overcome the prevalent negativity in society, many outlets seized the growing audience as a chance to sell products that were loosely marketed. Molly knew her demographic wasn’t accurately represented in the media, and wanted to do more to make that happen. She decided her target audience deserved to be educated and empowered to choose for themselves.

As an early teen, Molly pitched a lifestyle series to media conglomerates like the Disney Channel, which would integrate digital content covering myriad topics that would appeal to and enrich the lives of young women. Few people were willing to give an inexperienced person a chance to explain what she envisioned and why it was so important, especially at a time before YouTube and social media. The idea never materialized, but she didn’t let that break her spirit. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but remained committed to content that created a positive impact.

After studying journalism in college, Molly worked for industry-leading marketing, public relations, and advertising companies in New York and San Francisco. She learned everything she could before launching her magazine digitally as My Magazine in 2015. With the explosion of the internet, Molly knew the space was saturated with blogs and message boards, and felt tangible magazines were due for a fresh comeback. As her digital platform developed, and with requests from readers, she began working on a paper edition that they could read on the beach, pass off to a friend, or keep on the shelf for future reference.

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Despite her prior experience, starting a print publication from scratch was no minor accomplishment. Her persistence eventually paid off, and Molly My Mag officially launched in 2017. Today it’s distributed nationwide in stores like Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and many more. Molly is now working toward expanding the Molly My brand into a multimedia company that will include more content and collaborations, as well as products, a podcast, books, and a talk show.

Unlike most content platforms, Molly My Mag is neither an illusive reality nor an escape vehicle. It’s a place that allows its audience to engage in the lives they’re already living. Scrolling is fatiguing – we’ve all been there. It’s a quick fix for entertainment, but we’re left unfulfilled. Instead, Molly My Mag offers its audience fresh content for the modern reader, who wants to hold onto its rich, paper quality filled with stories and information, not ads. Molly My Mag has depth that answers all the right questions, even the ones readers didn’t know they were asking.

Whatever the reason people pick up the magazine, they come out with more than they expected. The pages teem with hot topics like cryptocurrency and space travel, scattered between traditional ones like design, relationships, and health. There are articles and interviews with industry experts and personalities, such as Nobu Matsuhisa, Lauren Conrad, and Daphne Oz, and countless contributors who bring their unique voices and experiences to the table. Molly My Mag is forever playful even as it works itself through the obvious determinism in all of those who are included.

Molly is someone to watch — she’s the embodiment of her own magazine, from her bubbly personality to her beautiful dreams, exquisite style, and unrelenting passions. “In Molly My Mag, we aim to help readers fall in love with their reality and create a lifestyle they can appreciate through the highs and lows, the holidays, and every day,” Molly shares. “From mixing a seasonal drink to planning a destination wedding to simply being the most authentic you in your everyday relationships, we’re learning and growing together as an ever-expanding community.”

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