Lex Larson of Dr. Hollywood Leads Music Production in Web3

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Music production is undergoing a digital revolution. Musicians are now experimenting with new technologies and concepts, such as blockchain technology and decentralized networks. One of these pioneers is Lex Larson of Dr. Hollywood, a veteran music producer with a slew of accomplishments on his resume. Lex has composed music for movies and television shows like Shahs of Sunset and Baywatch and worked with many great artists like Ty Dolla $ign and Nicky Jam. His most recent projects are Looks Rare NFT Studio and Sounds Rare, a decentralized record company and music publishing company.

The first of their kind, Lex’s projects are designed to meet a unique need in the music industry. For a while now, NFTs, Web3 technology, and the Metaverse have been abstract terms to many people. Despite widespread adoption and endorsement by celebrities, Lex admits that a large portion of the population has not heard of NFTs. Those who do not know how to participate, particularly those who have been left out of the economic equation. As a result, many people still think of NFTs as cute avatars rich celebrities display on their social platforms with little value to the general public.

Since 2020, Lex has been exploring ways of giving NFT holders an experience of a lifetime. He partnered with several organizations in the entertainment industry to curate exclusive real-life and virtual experiences for followers, accessible only through an NFT. In late 2021, Lex partnered with The H.wood Group, veterans renowned for their popular parties and nightclubs. The team designed and launched what they called the “Most exclusive place in the entire Metaverse,” the H.wood Group’s first nightclub, Bootsy Bellows. Holders of H.wood Group NFTs will use their tokens as tickets to access this prestigious Metaverse venue and its real-life and virtual parties. The Group’s test events were massive hits, with holders exhibiting their desires to use their coins as utilities.

Lex observes that currently, about 99.9 percent of all NFTs are just JPEGs. He’s on a mission to change that and give NFT holders a chance to enjoy real-life utility through Sounds Rare. Every NFT a buyer obtains from Sounds Rare comes with a song in which they would own publishing rights. As a holder of the NFT, you get to see the magic that happens throughout the music production process. From songwriting to getting an artist to recording and finally distribution, you, as the fan, get to share in the success of a song for the first time. That way, your NFT serves as a ticket that allows you to participate in a fun experience and interact with the artist right from the beginning of their projects.

As the NFT event space, and industry in general grows, holders are looking for projects with real-life value outside the Metaverse. Lex partnered with several organizations and brands to actualize this dream. Some of his achievements include launching NFT collections for Deadmau5 and Michael Jordan’s Heir Company. He discloses that his team is currently working on multiple pieces of art that will give exclusive access to the holders. Lex’s goal is to expand his operations, facilitate meaningful NFT adoption, and represent big IPs in music and NFTs.

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