Rockie Gardiner Memorial

Readers of the Rockie Horoscope, a regular feature in L.A. Weekly since 1983, are invited to attend a public memorial for the astrologer on Saturday, November 15, from 3 to 6 p.m., at Boardner’s, 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood.

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I’ve been a fan of Rockie Horoscope since I first discovered L.A. Weekly in 1995, and ever since, I've never missed a week. Although I cherished her wit and writing style, it was her clear-cut, accurate astrology that kept me coming back. In a field full of quacks and vague, euphemistic writing, Rockie's straightforward text stood out, giving information you could really use. Like street signs that point you out of an unfamiliar neighborhood, her column pointed me in the right direction on days I needed a little help. Now where will I go to find out when Mercury goes retro?

Posted by FA from D.C., Nov. 9

Wisdom and insight dispensed with wit and style — for years I’ve started the day with my morning coffee and Rockie. I do believe her advice has kept me out of trouble more than once!

Posted by Denise from South Lake Tahoe, Nov. 9

Every Friday night my friends and I get together to eat, drink and assess the progress or damage we have inflicted on the world over the past week. After dessert we always read Rockie’s horoscope, and it usually is scarily prescient or at least very funny. We will truly miss this ritual (10 years-plus?), and Rockie's insight and wisdom.

Comment by Britt from Northridge, Nov. 6

Keeping Up With Jonestown

Thanks for a well-written account of this sad story [“From Silver Lake to Suicide: One Family’s Secret History of the Jonestown Massacre,” Oct. 24-30]. Jim Jones had chosen to be a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the denomination in which I was raised. Reportedly, he chose them because they lacked any effective method of disciplining a minister or a church. That denomination was (and is) predominantly white, but even in Jones’ day had mixed and black congregations. It was the denomination of Lyndon Johnson, of Texas Christian University, of Drake University. The denomination as a whole wasn’t like Jones.

Before the disaster, I remember seeing People’s Temple statistics in our church yearbook and thinking that they must have been doing something right. Little did I know how wrong I was.

Posted by Jim Not Jones, Oct. 27

Great article. What struck me most is the similitude between Jones and another guru I know well: Hubbard. These guys are really mental — all they need or want during their lives is power, and they base it on lies. There was nothing really religious in such a criminal as Jones, or Hubbard, or Moon, etcetera.

Posted by Roger Gonnet from Lyon, Oct. 27

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