Familiar FeudAs I read the various contemporary and lively pieces in L.A. Weekly's art issue [“Made in Los Angeles: The Art Issue,” Jan. 11-17], I was saddened to find, buried in their midst, Marc Cooper still drudging up an over-a-decade-old feud directed at his lifelong adversary Bill Clinton [“The Battle Begins”]. Isn't it time that a stop is put to Cooper's hateful rant against a president simply because he had all the good looks and got all the chicks?

John PolifronioHollywood 

When the annals of asinine political commentary are compiled, there will surely be a place reserved for this Marc Cooper comment: “…the elderly who, having little future, care very little about it” [“Where Worlds Collide,” Jan. 4-10]. This truly gross generalization was unworthy of the writer, the readers and the publication.

Eric GreeneWest Hollywood

 Cooper is an equal-opportunity offender. A column on the Green Party and the 9/11 Truth Movement drew protesters to the Weekly. See www.laweekly.com/slideshows.

A Fan's NoteI usually read the paper for reviews and Column Dave — and now one of my reasons for reading is gone!

Patty CornellSilver Lake


CongratulationsL.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke, who writes the Deadline Hollywood column, is a finalist for the Press Award, presented by the Inter­national Cinematographers Guild Publicists to honor journalists who cover the entertainment industry. Finalists are announced February 5.

CorrectionOne of the artists in the L.A. Weekly Annual Biennial show was omitted from Doug Harvey's story about the show [“Some Paintings,” Jan. 11-17]. The following should have appeared: “Wendell Gladstone's seething, supersaturated neo-mythological allegories have oscillated between sculpture and painting in a way that opens new paths in both media while shedding light on their disparity in tolerance levels for fantastic, opulently decorative experimental storytelling.”

And in the same issue, artist Georganne Deen's name was misspelled in a caption.

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