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At 38 years old, Leon Howard leads the brand “From the Trap to Wallstreet.” A movement that is dedicated to empowering and improving the financial strategies ofurban America. The business teaches investing in company stocks and bonds.

Whereas in previous times, knowledge of wealth was understood by a few.

Through his startup From the Trap to Wall Street, Leon Howard has made this essential knowledge available in a language that can be understood by most.

His History

Leon Howard has balanced what he had been to who he wanted to become. This allowed him to convert his life full of hardships into one that boosted the path towards his goal. As he worked his way through life, Leon went through multiple difficulties. He became a man in prison; he watched his mother get shot in front of him at a young age and even lived his life as a homeless man. And the list doesn’t stopthere.

However, through multiple hardships, Leon Howard wasn’t deterred. He led his life tobecome a leader in his community, a wealthy advocate. Not only did he want tosucceed in life outside of his home, but he also wanted to be a good father as well.

Childhood and Past Job

Leon Howard’s family’s sole purpose was survival. His mother sold drugs while his father was a bsent throughout his life. At the mere age of 9, Leon witnessed the cruelmurder of his mother. Like multiple kids today, Leon proceeded to drift to the street tofend for himself. To battle the harshness of the streets, Leon would have to involvehimself in bad situations. His childhood taught him resilience.

There is little that could limit him with his ability to adapt, survive and make the bestout of his situations. And hence, as a teenager, he was tried as an adult for attemptedmurder and armed robbery. While in prison, Leon realized he had to take hold of his life. A prisoner charged for embezzlement helped Leon understand the stock market.He touched on topics about the market-leading off to how rich people earned theirwealth. From this, Leon Howard got fixated on the stock market and started learning more and more.

When Leon was released from prison, he went on to work as an ironworker. He spent his time studying the stock market and Wall Street. With his goal set in stone,Leon set aside 70% of his salary for investment. This gradually increased as he planned out more of his future moves.

Leon’s Life Today

From the Trap to Wall Street isn’t just a brand. It’s a movement dedicated to thosestuck in a financial trap struggling to break their chains. Those unable to find theirpath towards financial freedom. It also refers to those people who were previously involved in illegal activities.

These people are trapped in the mindset that strips them of all things financial andemotional. Leon provides a path of salvation. Leon Howard used the market ashis sword and is now a full-time investor who further spread his knowledge to those unaware. He dedicated his movement to highlighting the black dollar and transitioning it from being used to make other races wealthy.


His goal is to educate the culture. His teachings come from experience as opposed to those who teach what they learn by the book. His chaotic background provided a boost to his goal to give those with similar backgrounds a stable ground to stand on. The lack of knowledge about stock market investing among the mass inspired him to work harder and spread the information to a broader spectrum. Leon doesn’t work for anyone. He owns his time, which is the goal he set in mind, to ownhis full 24-hours. He intends to focus on becoming a great father and a genuine wealth advocate.

Future aims

Leon Howard plans to use his past life events as means to normalize the conversation. His story has become a real-life example of the fact that your pastnever has to define your future. Those who remain trapped in their history, entangled in its consequences. Leon hopes that his brand could help untangle this mess. He explains his most significant business challenge as getting people to accept the wealth isn’t built overnight. It has to be well thought out and slaved over. His success stories include teaching men on the street (much like him in his teenage years ) to invest and start brands earning up to seven figures.

Leon Howard aims to educate his community. But not just any part of his community, but the large group that has been ignored and forgotten about. He believes it’s important to note that this community can too build generational wealth by learning how to invest through the stock market. He has been running his business for two and a half years and has successfully spread his teachingsand has them implemented by those he trained.

Leon Howard defied all preset mindsets that let pasts dictate futures. He presents life examples of how to get out of the trap that he defines as those financially stuck intheir states, unable to improve and grow. Leon provides them with a way out and letsthem have a life of wealth. He uses his knowledge to teach others financial freedom and gain information about the stock market. His life has proved as an inspirationalstory to those around him struggling to get out of their traps.

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