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Whether you are looking for remote work or an office job, you are surely feeling the sting of the recent drastic shift from historically low employment rates to shrinking job opportunities and a pandemic-stricken job market. Yet even in the current economy, niche jobs abound if you know where to look for them. There are a few sites that have been reliably helping various job seekers to navigate the challenges of the job hunt and find that needle-in-a-haystack dream job. 

Lensa stands out in the crowded career platform space as a tool for professionals to find not just jobs, but careers. It’s easy for job seekers to become overwhelmed by the endless forms they are asked to fill out and the complex array of required qualifications. Lensa’s approach is to empower people to make better career decisions by ensuring best-in-class technology, putting job seekers first, and being transparent about their operations.

Using machine learning, Lensa instantly matches professionals with positions that fit their skills, goals, personalities, and needs. Amidst millions of people relentlessly filling out applications and inventing approaches to reach recruiters, Lensa strives to make it easier for qualified applicants to reach hiring managers as well as to proactively shape their professional future. 

After launching with a broader offer in San Francisco, California in 2016, Lensa quickly found its competitive advantage as a technological solution to the complexities of job search. The speed and accuracy of the company’s job matches has earned it a reputation  

“We have one mission,” says Lensa founder Gergo Vari. “We want to revolutionize job search for companies and professionals. We look at the future of job search and see a massive opportunity to empower job seekers by offering recruiting and human resources technology that meets their complex needs. Every job match is a learning experience that brings us closer to making this goal achievable for everyone.”

Lensa passed 10 million job seeker registrations in 2019, making the company one of the premier career platforms. 

With teams in multiple North American locations and a 60-strong crew of developers and data scientists operating at its R & D headquarters in Europe, Lensa is now sharing its transformative career technology with job seekers across the United States.

Lensa’s platform is unique in enabling candidates to play computer games that assess their work style. This furnishes insight into their strengths while at the same time unlocking career opportunities. The effect is to “take the search out of job search.”

Lensa has now elevated millions of careers and continues to pave the way to the career model of the future: one in which every individual “loves what they do and does what they love.”


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