Learning Business Lessons with the New Book Rigging the Game

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Have you ever thought the game in business is rigged and you will never win? Maybe you are questioning whether your business will survive, and the uncertainty is daunting.

The good news is there is a serial entrepreneur who teaches fellow business owners how to get what they want in life.

Dan Nicholson is relatable to many business owners. In his book, Rigging the Game, he addresses what many business owners ask about and fear is their problem.

Dan Nicholson states:

I’ve realized that every single business owner is facing the same universal problem. And it’s the same problem I’ve been asked to solve throughout my career, the question I’ve been asked to answer over and over again, and it goes something like this:

“Am I going to be okay?”

Which translates to “Am I going to run out of cash?” In other words, while everyone’s priorities are different, they are all looking for the same damn thing: certainty.” 

The empathetic message of Dan’s book presents an engaging narrative. As you read it, the dialogue creates business priorities where you can digest the key points he is making. Therefore, you can take his lessons into the real world.

Here are the essential takeaways you can utilize to enhance your financial assurance.

1. Identify Your Biases and Evolve Your Own Game

One of the book’s most meaningful recommendations is for entrepreneurs to develop their games. Therefore, you should establish your own rules and guidelines to define success. Understanding your biases will help you know where your eventual pitfalls might occur. As a result, you can evolve beyond your biases.

2. Break Down Big Goals Into Steps and Checklists

Actionable steps and checklists are another critical piece of advice Dan discusses. You have big goals, but you must break them down into small, digestible bits. These steps will assist you in staying focused with a plan of action toward your goals. It is also essential to provide a clear insight into any of your goals to develop a plan to achieve it.

3. Establish Financial Certainty

The anxiety concerned with operating a business is challenging. Understanding that all entrepreneurs face financial pressure is critical in developing financial certainty. Awareness will not lift many of these anxieties overnight; however, with your goals broken into smaller steps, you can set aside money each month. Your budget should provide awareness of your spending, and you can make necessary adjustments.

4. Play Your Own Game and Beat the Odds

If you have ever felt the odds are not in your favor, you are not alone. Business owners often have a preconceived notion of what an entrepreneur is. However, Nicholson furnishes tips on how to beat the odds by playing your own game. He suggests entrepreneurs concentrate on quality and innovation to stand out. He also urges entrepreneurs to think outside the box with calculated risks to find success.

Rigging the Game is a fantastic read for any entrepreneur who wants to enhance their business, as it offers practical wisdom. Learning and using the four tips mentioned here will help you beat the odds and find success that much sooner!

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