Learn Why PCH Exotics & Vijay Sheth Are The Go-To Exotic Car Rental Company In The Nation

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Almost everyone has a dream car that they would love to own or drive one day. Typically, these vehicles are expensive to own and maintain, meaning most people won’t get to experience the joy of getting in the driver’s seat of their dream car and taking it out for a spin. Entrepreneurs with a passion for cars like Vijay Sheth, have set out to make that dream attainable for anyone.

PCH Exotics

Vijay founded PCH Exotics in 2021 and has been growing the company exponentially since then. PCH Exotics is a car rental company that specializes in providing rare and exotic vehicles for customers to rent. In the beginning, Sheth had locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles but he has since expanded across the entire country. Now customers have access to rent these thrilling exotic vehicles from PCH in New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, Miami, and Orlando – as well as all of the previously mentioned locations where Vijay built the foundation of PCH Exotics.

The Largest & Most Diverse Fleet In The World

One major factor that sets PCH Exotics apart from the competitors is the sheer size and diversity of their available exotic vehicles for rent. Vijay prides himself on having the largest exotic rental fleet in the world – consisting of 86 exotic vehicles at the time this article was written. The fleet’s value alone exceeds $25 million and new vehicles are constantly being added to circulation for customers to enjoy. The sheer size of Sheth’s fleet allows him to offer competitive prices and allow anyone to achieve their dream of driving an exotic vehicle at a surprisingly low rate. Some rentals start at just $80 per day which is lower than what many large corporate-style rentals charge for economy class vehicles. In addition to the 86 exotic vehicles that PCH has in their pocket, they also have 26 ultra-luxury vehicles available for rent. Whether a customer is a parent who wants a luxurious SUV to carry the family around in style, or a best man seeking rare exotic to get the fullest out of a bachelors party weekend, or anything in between, PCH Exotics has a solution.

Immersed In Car Culture

Vijay and his team’s true love and passion for exotic vehicles shows, and it has helped earn PCH Exotics the trust of the car community. Sheth has been a lover of cars since a young age and carried over this sentiment to his business. Before starting PCH Exotics, when Sheth was still a student at the University of California – San Diego, he launched a car club and community called Speed Demons. The club quickly gained notoriety within the car community thanks to Vijay’s networking skill and genuine love for the automotive culture. Eventually Vijay had to move on and transferred the great majority of club members over to Triton Auto Club, but not before they had built a membership of 200+ strong. The fond memories and great experiences that Sheth had with Speed Demons push him to always act in the best interest of the community

and car scene. Southern California car culture is in PCH Exotics’ DNA and the team works hard to be regarded as the best exotic rental outfit in the world.

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