Learn how producer Brian Raider went from Wall Street to Hollywood

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Brian Raider is an American Entertainment Producer based in Los Angeles. Before finding his way into film and television, Brian worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan & Wells Fargo doing what he thought was exactly what he wanted to do.

After stumbling onto the set of the 2008 film I Sell the Dead, Brian had his ‘light-bulb moment’. Watching the magic on set, he realized this was something he had to be a part of. He convinced a producer for an apprenticeship, and just two weeks later he quit his Wall Street job to work in the entertainment industry. Brian began landing more and more production jobs In New York City. Three years later, he moved to Hollywood where he’s lived ever since. After making that drastic career change, he’s successfully worked on dozens of films and over one hundred episodes of television.

Although Brian has been able to find success and build his reputation, it didn’t start out that way. “The whole entertainment industry is based on who you know” Brian explains. He said making a name for yourself on the Hollywood scene — a town saturated with talent – is incredibly challenging. “Especially in my early days…any opportunity I got to speak to someone that was involved in the industry was golden.”

Now with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Brian has positioned himself as an altruistic guide and philanthropic giver for the next generation of talent. He is widely known as a connector and facilitator — regularly sought after to connect talent and crew with projects and top tier production companies. He also runs one of the most successful rooms on the social media app Clubhouse, as featured on Good Morning America, which acts as a hub for up-and-comers to learn and connect. “It’s my way to give back, much like many people did for me.“ He cites his hard work ethic and constant activity for his movement up the ladder. Brian adds: “Never take for granted an opportunity to connect with anyone in the industry, it might just be the ticket to your big break.”

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