Learn How Dr. Harrison H. Lee Has Built a Legacy & Empire in Elective Facial Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Harrison H. Lee is an acclaimed plastic surgeon based out of Los Angeles, California — & one of the few (3x) board certified surgeons in the world. The successful plastic surgeon operates his practice Bi-Coastal in both Beverly Hill & New York City. Depending on the patients needs and locative preferences, Dr. Lee accommodates an option for patients on either side of the country to be operated on. With much to be said for Harrison in terms of accolades throughout his career, the most important is certainly his support and service to the LGBTQ community. As a facial reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Harrison has slowly grown to become the most desired and sought after surgeon for gender reassignment transgender surgeries turning men into women. Due to his client’s satisfactory and long track record of success, Harrison is focused on expanding his practice globally to other parts of the world such as Dubai. To learn more about Dr. Harrison H. Lee, we sat down with Lee to learn how he has been able to get to where he is today.

Long Standing Results For Patients Over The Years

Dr. Harrison H. Lee is a super specialist in Facial Bone surgery, a niche that found Harrison in the early years of his career heading into the 2000’s. Lee opened up his practice in the year of 1998 after finishing school and graduating New York Medical College & Tufts college. The (3x) Board certified specialist has built a list of accolades that far extends that of many within the plastic surgeon industry. Early on in his career, Dr. Lee partnered with Dr. Gary Alter in the early 2000’s as a facial reconstruction specialist for many stars within the Hollywood community. Harrison is publicly noted as one of the surgeons that operated on Kaitlyn Jenner, one of the most famous transgender reassignment surgeries that inspired and empowered many to do the same in years to follow. Lee has been featured in many publications and television appearances as an expert on facial bone reconstruction & gender reassignment surgery throughout his career.

Success As A Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harrison H. Lee wants you to know that his practice has grown due to his client satisfaction & word of mouth across the globe. As a business operator, Lee has never allocated resources to marketing for his practice, rather his practice has grown due to the many advocates that have garnished amazing results under his care as a plastic surgeon. Furthermore, Lee states: “What grows a practice is empathy for your patients, My altruistic approach has always been to treat each patient as more than just a customer inquiring about facial reconstruction & more so align with their feelings and desires to see how we can align a solution for them.” Due to this, Lee has a wait list that extends almost a full year just to be seen for a consultation or schedule for an operation. With such high demand, it’s no wonder even Hollywood’s biggest stars have trusted Dr. Lee as their care provider for facial reconstruction plastic surgery.

Dr. Harrison H. Lee’s Tips For Patients Seeking Non Invasive Facial Reconstruction

 Dr. Harrison recommends that plastic surgery inquiries of any sort are researched before aligning with a surgeon. Furthermore, Lee recommends seeking a super specialist for the result that you are seeking the most. Looking for a super specialist and having patience throughout the consultation process and incredibly important aspects for any plastic surgery procedure. For those that are looking for gender reassignment work above the neck or facial bone reconstruction surgery, Dr. Harrison H. Lee is here to help. In the future, Lee is excited to further grow his practice globally to other parts of the world such as Dubai. To learn more about Dr. Harrison H. Lee, click here.

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