Leaping Courageously with Courtney Green of Spark Consulting

If you know deep down that there has got to be a better way than this to do things in business and live life, you are right. You no longer have to get ahead by proving your worth through your workaholism, perfectionism, or people pleasing-ism. Your feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction with the status quo, your frustration with the way things have always been done, has a purpose. It is to get you to this point of departure. This point where you courageously leap into the unknown to create something new in your life and through your leadership. Something new, something different that supports innovative solutions through business and a way of life that cares for people and for the planet.

Courtney Green works with brilliant business leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a new system. Why? Because systems built in the past on values that no longer serve to uplift humanity and the planet need to be changed. These new systems being created by visionary leaders are rebalancing how we have done business. They are bringing needed balance, sustainability, back into systems. How we care for people systems and how we care for the planet systems.

To successfully build and sustainably grow a new system, an organization, its leader and leadership team needs to maintain inner balance. Otherwise, the growth is unsustainable. When people are out of balance they are less effective, less productive, less efficient and let’s face it — less happy. Exhaustion leads to more turnover, unhappiness leads to strife. An organization consists of people; therefore, for it to continue successfully growing, producing results, its people need to be in balance. If a leader is not balanced, they are no good to their people.

To lead a new way of doing things in the world, a leader must intentionally change or upgrade their level of being in the world. The old way of being and doing is no longer going to work. What does work? Learning how to sustain inner balance intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Inner balance enables a leader to blaze a new trail for greater expansion. Expansion of self, expansion of an organization, expansion of positive change in the world.

These unassuming rebel, risk-taking leaders are rewriting the playbook on how to run successful companies. They are investing in their people and caring for the planet. The result consists of nothing less than domination in their respective fields. They are change-agents, rainmakers for good. Producing company cultures that model authenticity, hyper-productivity, integrity, trust, intentional communication, innovative problem-solving, interdependent collaboration, agency and empowerment as each employee feels the enthusiastic freedom to be able to live a life that is most meaningful for them. Life and work are integrated, in balance. This balance is essential to the success of a new system as both are creative expressions of productive play.

Why do these brilliant, trailblazing leaders need an executive coach and life counselor? They are creating something entirely new out of the old. There is no playbook, no rules of engagement to follow, no model to copy. They need a sounding board, a trusted advisor, a confidante, a gifted listener who simplifies what they are hearing to distill the essence of what is being communicated, a coach who has permission to directly call them out on their perspective, fears, or perceived limitations, a professional who can easily see what they are not seeing that is stopping them, an advocate to support them every step of the way as they create a new sustainable system that brings out the best in people and respects the planet. These brilliant, trailblazing leaders are modeling a new way of being and doing business globally; therefore, they need an upgraded service provider — Courtney Green.

The question you may be asking is, how does she help leaders and their leadership teams learn from their past to consciously create a different experience in their present?

Well, Green pulls from her doctoral work in Leadership Psychology, focused on neuroscience and organizational development, as well as her experiences as a U.S. military veteran who served as both a Medical Service Corps mental health professional in the Air Force and a JAG Corps leader in the Army. She values those experiences as much as her work for Fortune 200 and Fortune 300 companies in leadership and advisory roles.

Green also holds a law degree with a concentration in conflict resolution and is certified in mediation. After law school, she immersed herself in conflict as a mediator working with employers and employees, child custody battles, and landlord-tenant claims and learned how to move people back into balance. Additionally, she coached nationally competing athletes utilizing eastern and western holistic health practices to increase their mind-body integration for enhanced performance. Green walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to leading others while living out her own state of balance. Green affirms that “balance allows for exponential growth.”

Time and time again, Green finds that in working with these high-achieving, risk-taking, unassuming rebel leaders that when they are in balance, they are happier in their career and life and able to help others rise.

Her clear, definite purpose is to help other socially and/or environmentally conscious leaders achieve inner balance, feeling fulfilled as they successfully build out new organizational systems while growing their bottom line in service to something greater that benefits all. Clients experience newfound freedom as their business and life success are an expression and expansion of who they are and what their company stands for.

Breaking archaic structures and changing out old systems is not easy. Transformation is tough for anyone, especially these leaders and their leadership teams. That is why Green focuses her attention working with business leaders and entrepreneurs individually through a one-on-one coaching and counseling practice. She also trains leadership teams through stimulating half day workshops and educates groups through inspiring, interactive presentations. As a fun related side project, Green also connects innovative entrepreneurs with visionary seed investors.

About Courtney Green

Courtney Green, fearlessly coaches and counsels courageous, game-changing leaders and their teams to be in balance so that they can create innovative, sustainable systems to bring out the best in people and respect the planet. To learn more, visit her website Spark Consulting.

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