Leading Solar Company is Disrupting the Traditional Way of Going Solar & Ensuring Homeowners Significant Savings

My Solar Solutions, is a solar brokerage dedicated to helping property owners find the right solar solution for their property. What sets My Solar Solutions apart from other solar companies is their access to a virtual solar platform that is changing the way consumers buy and learn about solar. Their modern approach and use of innovative technology enables a more personalized solar experience by increasing efficiency and offering homeowners the most competitive offer.

My Solar Solutions is recognized as one of the most sophisticated brokerages in the renewable energy space actively serving over 14 states nationwide, both on the commercial and residential side. They have offices nationwide with experts in each utility to assist homeowners with their energy needs. They are well known for their customer focused approach and finding the best overall value for their clients.

Founded in 2015 by Kiara Smithee, a leader in the renewable energy source industry, My Solar Solutions has established offices all across the United States that specialize in helping homeowners and business owners take advantage of net-energy-metering by working with one of their vetted and licensed brokers.

Kiara has personally accumulated a large portfolio of over 500+ customers served, including globally recognized Fortune 500 companies. Kiara has worked for Tesla, Sunrun, and other prestigious corporations in her renewable career. Kiara has also worked in the B2B space with companies such as Starbucks, Marriott Hotels, Hilton Hotels, General Motors, NASA, and many other loved and respected brands.

The substantial and consistent growth of My Solar Solutions is a result of Kiara’s ability to stay ahead of industry trends. She believes we are living through a pivotal time in the solar energy industry, in which innovation, technology, and protecting the planet go hand in hand. This led her to bring her vision to life and turn My Solar Solutions into a boutique franchise venture – giving solar consultants the option to list their license with My Solar Solutions and receive elite training, mentorship, and eventually the opportunity to open their own brokerage under the Solar Solutions trademark.

What does a “boutique franchise venture” mean?

To put it simply, My Solar Solutions is structured like a Real Estate Agency. Realtors work for a specific Real Estate Agency (i.e. Compass or Sotheby’s) where the agent can sell homes with that brokerage and get mentorship. The realtor can choose to brand themselves as an individual agent, but they are still backed by the credibility of the Real Estate Agency. What makes certain Real Estate Agents stand out is their level of skill, personality, customer service, attention to detail, and most of the time their “no-bullshit” transparent approach.

Real Estate Agencies benefit from the influencer approach that some of their agents take-on, because at the end of the day the goal is to sell houses. So in hindsight, the Real Estate Agency or “company” doesn’t matter as much, but instead the focus turns to the Real Estate Agent and the level of trust they gain via customer service.

My Solar Solutions follows this same structure, except instead of selling houses, they sell Solar. They sought out the top solar brokers in the nation to work for one of their many offices and encouraged top brokers to open their own sales office when they are ready. Each franchise owner must meet certain performance criterias before opening their own sales office.

“Picking the top solar COMPANY doesn’t really matter anymore because a majority of the top solar companies carry the same equipment, and offer similar warranties. When considering going solar- picking the right consultant is what matters,” says Kiara, founder of My Solar Solutions.

A solar system is made up of three crucial parts – equipment, warranties, and financing. This means that the difference between having a knowledgeable and seasoned solar consultant vs an average solar consultant could cost someone thousands of dollars a year on top of the solar payments. My Solar Solutions wants homeowners and business owners to avoid falling into this trap by working with an experienced solar pro to help them find the right solar solution for their energy needs.

“I have been in the solar industry for over 7 years and I was inspired to start My Solar Solutions so that I didn’t have to be biased and work for a company that only offered limited equipment and financing options. As a solar broker I know the importance of investing in education and forming relationships with top manufacturers to be able to offer our clients the best solution.”

I mean think about it… what makes a company “good”? It’s the products they offer and the level of service they provide. So if all the companies have similar products- the only thing left is the service they provide and your sales experience with your solar consultant. A poorly designed system results in the homeowner paying additional costs down the line and extra customer service needed. We provide excellent customer service but we hope our clients’ systems work seamlessly so they don’t need to call us in the future.”

Solar Solutions is able to offer premium solutions to their clients because they have the top consultants representing each region; for example Eoin in Northern California specializes in helping homeowners who have PG&E save money with Net-Energy-Metering and solar , he joined Solar Solutions as an independent broker then later opened his Solar Solutions Brokerage and hired and trained a team so that he could help more people.

Alex Ruta on the east coast, joined Solar Solutions as an independent broker and quickly opened his own brokerage. Ruta’s extensive knowledge and experience in the solar industry has made him the go-to solar broker in all of Florida especially in the Spanish speaking communities. Florida has many different utilities and working with a broker that knows how to navigate the different utilities is extremely important when switching to renewable energy.

Brad Bell, another industry expert and Broker at Solar Solutions, has partnered with Real Estate Agents, Roofing companies, and other businesses to help serve homeowners all over Florida. Brad has made a great name for himself in Florida for his honesty and competitive approach when finding his clients the best value.

My Solar Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and encourages everyone to apply:

Website: www.mysolarsolutions.co

Email: careers@mysolarsolutions.co

Social Media: @mysolarsolutions on Instagram and Facebook

About My Solar Solutions:

My Solar Solutions, www.mysolarsolutions.co is a Solar firm founded by Sr. Solar Consultant and CEO, Kiara Smithee. My Solar Solutions is dedicated to helping property owners save money by finding the right solar company for their residential or commercial properties. My Solar Solutions is a team of experienced consultants, who explain the benefits of solar and address every option when making the switch to clean renewable energy. With a commitment to Global Goal #7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all – My Solar Solutions partners with various charities and hosts philanthropic events throughout the year. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and serves clients across the nation.

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