Leading Merchant Processing Consultant Max Frater Uses His Experience to Help Business Owners

Running a successful company in the current business environment necessitates a lot of courage, patience, and resilience, and no one knows this better than merchant solutions provider Max Frater. He sees how businesses operate from so many perspectives, and his vast experience is his core competency. Knowing what he knows about creating a formidable business, Max positions innovative and creative merchant solutions that make running a business a little bit easier for business owners.

Not long ago, Max Frater was a small business owner himself.  An entrepreneur with several entities, who suffered through the same struggles of any business owner. As he established his own businesses, he also grew his perspective, and he began to relate to the needs of his future clients.

As Max sourced solutions that worked for his businesses, he realized that the bigger need was his peers.  Other business owners like himself; grappling with payment acceptance issues, in need of a knowledgeable consultant.  Max began helping business owners like himself, and has grown over the years into one of the largest merchant consultants in the country.  He owes his success to the results he provides, and the referrals he receives from his collection of happy clients.

If there is one thing that separates Max from his competitors, it is his experience. He knows what it’s like to be behind the cash register, managing books, handling inventory, and collecting payments. As a merchant solutions provider, he is ultimately an entrepreneur selling a service to other entrepreneurs; that he also uses himself. It’s this reason that he is able to connect with his clients so well, as he knows the many difficulties that business owners face. He is very hands-on when it comes to meeting the needs of his clients, because he knows first hand what they expect.

“My reputation is my lifeline in business,” Max revealed. “My clients have my personal contact information, and I’m always accessible for their needs. I operate almost exclusively on referrals from my clients who are happy to share their experiences with friends, family, and associates that could benefit. I’ve gained the nickname Merchant Max, which seems to be the way I’m always saved in my client’s phone book. It has become my nickname, and I’m proud of it,” Max added. 

Max is looking forward to expanding his services overseas in the next few years and expanding his impact to International organizations. Giving his clients a strong competitive edge is one of his topmost priorities as a service provider. He’s made it clear that there’s no business too big or too small, he’s happy to share his experience with any business that he can provide a benefit.

Becoming the leading consultant in merchant solutions did not come easy to Max. He worked long hours for years before he was finally able to establish his name in the industry as the go-to person for creative merchant solutions. Achieving what he has today is a result of hard work, persistence, accessibility, and the dedication to make the most of every learning opportunity that presented itself to him over the past years. If anything, Max is more than the “real deal” due to the wealth of experience he has accumulated, not just as an employee but also as a business owner who knows what it takes to grow a business and brave the most challenging situations possible.

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