Lead Conversion Squared, or LCS2 as the industry has quickly shortened the name, launches tonight, September 28, 2020. With that said, we are providing the most up to date information possible, in advance of the most anticipated product business launch that helps businesses market and generate leads in 2020.

Business establishment and expansion is a creative process that requires lots of market research and understanding. This becomes increasingly complex when the business takes place partly or entirely online.

Online businesses expect you to find new leads (potential customers) and attract them to your company and convert them into repeat customers.

However, this process needs a specific, well-structured strategy.

This is where Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) comes into play.

What is LCS2?

Lead Conversion Squared appears to be the next great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in a turnkey fashion, from lead gen to conversions, and an automated sales funnel with potentially 1,000 leads per month. It helps companies in digital and email marketing attract numerous leads and communicate directly with each of them, so they feel personally connected to the business.

LCS2 comes with a 3 Day Master Class, an interactive training helping businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to find high-potential leads and then interact with them through meaningful email marketing campaigns. This ensures that leads can sign up to your lists and continue receiving relevant information about the business and products they are interested in moving them closer to buying products and becoming a loyal customer.  

Who is behind LCS2?

LCS2 is the brainchild of David Michaels and Chad Nicely.

David Michaels is widely known for his understanding of digital marketing. He’s credited for establishing a start-up at the age of 15.

In a career that spans across 30 years, his most significant accomplishment is 123employee, his virtual employee company.

Chad Nicely left his mark in digital marketing via his startup in 1999. His business strategy centers on the need for having a website for the growth of the online business.

Currently, he hosts a blog where he teaches what, why, and how of digital marketing.

What is LCS2 Responsible for?

Lead Conversion Squared performs three major tasks for online business owners.

  • Customer Acquisition: Through a pre-planned chain of events, LCS2 ensures that it finds potential leads for you and converts them to customers. After that, its job is to maintain interaction with the acquired customers.
  • Data Handling: Since there is a plethora of customer information, it isn’t easy to store and access. LCS2 acts as an interface for the same.
  • Customer Service: Having a fast and efficient customer service is integral to the progress of any business. A CRM system maintains the link between customers and providers to better customer service and satisfaction.

Working Mechanism of LCS2

Lead Conversion Squared working mechanism is relatively easy to understand even for newbies in business. The system follows the below-stated path to acquire and maintain customers:

  1. Your business ad will feature on a social media profile that the lead regularly visits.
  2. On clicking the ad, the lead will redirect to your business landing page.
  3. This page will be designed as such for the convenience of the customer. Here the lead will be asked to fill up the contact details.
  4. Through this contact detail, you have to execute an efficient marketing strategy that ensures that he becomes your potential customer.
  5. Even when you acquire a customer, keep the interaction alive to get the person in your long-term customer loop.

Why do you need a Lead Conversion Squared?

Since customers are at the center of a successful business model, it’s vital to have a CRM system at hand.

A CRM system helps track existing as well as potential customers. It also provides you a well-devised strategy to attract more and more customers to your business.

Moreover, it believes in strengthening the relationship just beyond acquiring customers. The motive is to keep checking on your loyal customers to ensure they associate with you long-term.

How can you transform your Business with LCS2?

Lead Conversion Squared has the potential of taking your business to new heights. Even if you’re an established business owner, you can get many new leads using this software.

Here is what you can expect to do with LCS2:

  • Maintaining a customer is more challenging than acquiring one. This software helps you seek feedback from customers always, thereby making you more appropriate for your customers’ needs.
  • With LCS2, you can redesign your business landing page. This is done in accordance to make it much more user friendly.
  • LCS2 provides you with an attractive feature of attaching videos while sending reminders to customers. With its personalized effect, it makes them feel special.
  • Lastly, this software comes with a virtual assistant. This assistant’s job is to guide the customer through your business page and help them surf anything of interest.

LCS2 is an encapsulated package with everything that you need to make your business flourish.

What’s LCS2 3-Day Masterclass?

Lead Conversion Squared is hosting a 3-day masterclass for people to understand the peculiarities of online business expansion. The class is scheduled for September 28 and will be primarily centered on the need and usage of digital marketing in business.

It’s supposed to inform you about the ways of finding potential leads and making them your customers.

Registration for the masterclass can be made by simply visiting the official website and providing your email and first name.   

What to Expect from LCS2 3-Day Masterclass?

  • You can take this masterclass as a sneak peek of what you can get through Lead Conversion Squared software.
  • Here are some prompts for the virtual session-
  • How to establish an entirely home-based business?
  • How to spot potential clients?
  • How to sustain customers?
  • How will Lead Conversion Squared help in generating 1,000 leads per month?
  • What do you need for entirely home-based businesses?
  • What’s the process of screening clients?

IMPORTANT: You won’t just be learning. You will be doing! So register now, so you don’t miss out!

Our big, bold promise: By the end of our three (3) days together, you will have the roadmap to create your own, fully functioning, online business, a business you can run from anywhere. You will be in total control.

This only happens though, IF you show up… 

#1 – Add the details to your calendar right now:

Kickoff: Monday, 9/28 @ 5:00PM Pacific, 8:00PM Eastern

Day #2: Tuesday, 9/29 @ 5:00PM Pacific, 8:00PM Eastern

Day #3: Wednesday, 9/30 @ 5:00PM Pacific, 8:00PM Eastern

There will be over 10,000 attendees on the livestream.

Your virtual seat is reserved, but we recommend showing up early to ensure you don’t have any problems logging on. 

#2 – Finish the Warmup Sessions

We have a list of “Warmup Sessions” designed to prepare you for your new businesses ultimate success. There are rewards and bonuses to unlock, so get started NOW! 

Here are your login credentials: Register Now!

Login Link: Login Here

Username: Register Now!

Password:  Register Now!

#3 – Join the Private Facebook Group

You will receive more details once you Register!.

It’s vital that you join the group as we use it to communicate and exchange ideas during the Master Class.

P.S. Maybe you heard a rumor about the “graduation present” we’re giving everyone who completes the Master Class? It’s true! 

We’re giving away a FREE 4-Day, 3-Night Vacation Getaway (redeemable for up to 24 months) to everyone who completes the Master Class!*

What is the price of Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)?

Lead Conversion Squared has three pricing options.

  • Choice #1: Base Member (Single Payment of $997)
  • Choice #2: Gold Member (Two Payments of $997)
  • Choice #3: Platinum Member (Three Payments of $997)

LCS2 is not the least expensive on the market, but for this, you get what you pay for!

As you continue to read on and pay attention, you’ll notice that a lot of the heavy lifting is already done for you.

Let’s go over what you get with each plan.

Lead Conversion Squared (LSC2) Base Member (Choice #1)

LSC2 base member plan is the most affordable plan available for a single payment of $997.

Here’s what you get with the base plan:

  • ($1,997) Lead Digital Card System
  • ($2,997) Lead Conversion Squared
  • ($4,997) LCS Agency License
  • ($997) Fast Start Training Dojo
  • (Priceless) 1 Month – Lead Generation VA

You also get these exclusive bonuses by both Chad & Daven:

  • ($997) Custom Branded Website
  • ($997) Followup Campaigns
  • ($997) 7 Day LCS Masterclass

Totaling: $13,979

The base member plan is paying a one-time fee of $997 for this package.

Lead Conversion Squared (LSC2) Gold Member (Choice #2)

LSC2 Gold member plan increases the value add, for two payments of $997.

In the Gold member plan, you get everything in the basic plan, including the bonuses.

With the Gold membership, you also get these exclusive upgrades:

  • 10 Agency License
  • 2 Months of Lead Generation

Lead Conversion Squared Platinum Member (LCS2) (Choice #3)

LCS2 Platinum member plan delivers the most value to gain from, for three payments of $997.

In the Platinum membership, you get everything in the basic membership, including every bonus, plus even more benefits.

The Platinum Membership comes with these upgrades:

  • Unlimited Agency License
  • 3 Months of Lead Generation
  • Card Prospecting System

Does Lead Conversion Squared Have A Discount Or Coupon Code?

When writing this, which is September 28th, 2020, the day LCS2 is launching, there are no discounts or promo codes, and there are no expected.

Lead Conversion Squared will most likely not have discounts or promo codes, and the 3 Day Masterclass is free, so one is not needed for that. 

I guess they could during the launch (and I hope they do), but I highly doubt it.

LCS2 Conclusion

David Michaels and Chad Nicely are highly respected in the digital marketing industry, and Lead Conversion Squared is a two thumbs up recommendation.  

Lead Conversion Squared is a very promising Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in a turnkey fashion, from lead gen to conversions, and an automated sales funnel. It intends you to make your business landing page look more presentable, thereby attracting 1,000 leads per month.

It helps your online business run on a digital marketing strategy that acquires and sustains its customers. The 3-day workshop by the owners of LCS2 is an excellent way of getting an idea of what you can expect from the actual software.


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