Our cover story handicapping the 2013 race for Los Angeles mayor brought so many lively responses that we will devote the entire Comments section to them.

Staff writer Patrick Range McDonald wrote about potential candidates Austin Beutner, Rick Caruso, Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, Kevin James, Alex Padilla, Jan Perry and Zev Yaroslavsky (“Who Can Beat Zev Yaroslavsky in the Mayoral Game?,” April 29). According to a half-dozen political veterans polled by the Weekly, Yaroslavsky is the favorite, if he decides to run.

Readers respond:

From teapartydoc: “The race to be captain of the Titanic has begun.

From patsaouras: “I guess L.A. Weekly needs some story to fill space, and they decided who should run for mayor, rather than who is really considering running. Again, the field is going to be Yaroslavsky, Perry, Beutner and James. We'll see whether I'm an idiot or a genius. …”

Robert says: “The winner will be Rick Caruso. He's well connected, smart, savvy and not afraid to go against the popular. He has done a lot citywide for communities, he's a people person and knows how to fix this city.

“Zev, like the politicians we have nowadays, has to answer for the millions of dollars the supervisors tried to hide from the public at their own disposal. The county supervisors have failed on key issues.

“The other saying all over the City of L.A. is no one from inside City Hall. Beutner is considered an outsider with no name recognition. Jan Perry is lame and considered in the pockets of AEG. Wendy is getting slammed for her audits yet she's failed at having any type of solutions to collect $543 million owed the City. Garcetti is just a flake who flip-flops at every turn and created the mess at Vine Street project and they're all in bed with CRA hiding over a billion from the people of L.A.”

From RetiredD3: “Zev is one of the Five Little Kings of Los Angeles. He will never leave his secure, unlimited tenure as a supervisor to run for a term-limit job like mayor. The only other elected position he might consider is another Job-for-Life like senator when Feinstein or Boxer finally pack it in.”

A reply to RetiredD3 from Rick Abrams: “You really know nothing about Zev, do you? He's a mensch among goniffs.”

From Dead City: “I feel sorry for the city of L.A. … Who wants to captain a sinking ship. Too many liberals.”

Another reply from Rick Abrams: “Liberals? Tu tienes cacahuetes en la cabeza.”

From Billypollina: “Not sure six partisan mouthpieces is the best way to determine who makes the best candidate for mayor, but a good article regardless. Deep bank accounts won't get one a win (see Fiorina or Whitman) but a strong name recognition always helps in status-obsessed L.A. My guess is Garcetti has a much better chance than what is speculated here.”

And from Rick Abrams again: “Yes, Eric has the best chance — the two best qualities to be mayor in L.A. are Corrupt and Incompetent, two qualities which Zev lacks.”

From Victor: “Kevin James knows local politics — he talks about it every night for years on his radio program. He is by far the best candidate for mayor of Los Angeles.

“Zev Yaroslavsky has been around for decades. These long-term politicians have not done a good job as we witness current conditions. It is time to elect a new candidate for mayor to save this city. Look hard at the party that has been running this city from the council to the mayor and ask yourself if you want this current environment to continue.”

From Dub LA: “When Yaroslavsky was on the City Council, his district experienced the largest development in the history of the Westside. His backside has so many developers' hands competing for space, every time he walks a new building permit falls out.”

From Ron H: “Zev is not going to be better. He loves taxes, too.”

From Jester's Tear in California: “Not that I know much about Kevin James but I'll call the question: So the L.A. Weekly has a problem with gay people running for election?”

A reply from Robert: “I have to come to the defense of Patrick. L.A. Weekly was the only one as I recall that actually did a story when Kevin James came out and stated he was gay. This paper also has done more stories on Prop. 8. I give Kevin tons of credit for jumping in the race although I support another candidate.”

From Eliot Ness: “Apparently, the Unions are the ones who actually decide who will become Mayor of L.A. I am so enthusiastic and confident that these Unions will choose the candidate who is Highly Ethical, Fiscally Responsible, and prepared to make the tough decisions when it comes to budget cuts. Thanks Unions.”

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