LAVA MUSIC Just Released Its New BLUE LAVA Original, A Guitar Under $500 with Onboard Effects

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Within six months after BLUE LAVA Touch, LAVA MUSIC added another guitar, BLUE LAVA Original, to their BLUE LAVA lineup on October 25th, 2022.

Despite a strong appeal to every player, BLUE LAVA Original’s compact, ultra-light body, superior acoustics, effortless playability, and distinctions like onboard effects make it a “perfect option for those on the go,” according to the company.

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A Travel-ready Design

The guitar comes in a beautifully matched two-tone Walnut/Frost White color that adds a natural and fresh vibe to any setting you take it to.

With the custom-developed recyclable HPL material, the guitar weighs only 3.7lb, pleasantly light on the shoulders while playing or carrying it around on a picnic, a campsite, or a road trip. And its 36-inch compact body fits easily in hands or anywhere space is tight.

Also due to the HPL material, BLUE LAVA Original remains solidly stable in different weather conditions, standing up to changing temperature, humidity, and even spill and splash all right.

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Advanced Acoustic Technologies

On the inside, the guitar uses LAVA-developed L2 Preamp with FreeBoost technology for its pickup system. The L2 Preamp can boost sounds without plugging the guitar into an amp, as the FreeBoost technology uses the guitar back as a speaker. The L2 Preamp also provides onboard chorus, delay, and reverb, so with the touch of a button, players can add effects and shape their sounds, even when they’re outdoors without pedals or amps.

The guitar also uses LAVA MUSIC’s signature 4-MASS technology. It brings the guitar a parametric structure engineered by simulating the vibration dynamics of the top, body, neck, and internal air, making them resonate in perfect unison to produce a full, bright tone.

Extra Comfort and Playability

Pairing with the tonal quality, BLUE LAVA Original has a comfortable 2.3mm string height that is friendly for both beginners and professionals.

The string height is accurate and stable as the guitar neck is attached through a precision manufacturing process.

Speaking of the neck, the guitar has an ergonomic neck shape designed according to comfortable finger movements and a thin heel offering easy access to higher frets. This lets playing different frets on BLUE LAVA Original an impressively effortless experience. Adding to that, there’s also a magnetic truss rod cover that is easy to remove and replace, which allows players to quickly adjust the neck relief for an ideal action and intonation.

To conclude, BLUE LAVA Original achieves excellent portability and playability while maintaining great sounds, which is quite rare on most acoustic guitars or travel guitars available in the market. And this makes BLUE LAVA Original stand out as an ideal guitar for almost every situation, playing, practicing, at home, in studios, or even outdoors.

It comes in a two-tone Walnut/Frost White color and is now available starting from US$379 to $479 on LAVA MUSIC , Amazon, and local guitar dealerships near you.

This is not the first surprise that LAVA MUSIC brings to us. It is a music technology company founded in 2013. Since then, LAVA MUSIC specializes in designing and developing musical instruments with new materials and acoustic structures. In 2017, it hit music lovers with LAVA ME, a re-engineered acoustic guitar.

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