Laura Carrick: A Visionary Marketing and Creative Strategist

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Laura Carrick stands as a creative force redefining the marketing and communications industry. Her journey from her hometown in Hobart, Tasmania, to becoming a head of marketing and communications at an education institution in New York is a testament to her determination, creative prowess, and dedication to social advocacy.

Hailing from a charming yet small city, Carrick harbored a burning desire to explore the world beyond her hometown’s borders. Her early years were marked by a profound immersion in creativity. She tinkered with her parents’ film cameras, amassed magazines for collages and scrapbooks, and devoured books, fueling her insatiable curiosity. Carrick went on to graduate with honors with a Bachelor of Business Degree in Marketing. She further honed her creativity by obtaining a diploma in commercial photography, leading her to explore the fascinating realm of consumer psychology.

Inspired by her father’s relentless work ethic, Carrick adopted the belief that unwavering passion and tireless effort pave the way to success. Her perseverance eventually led her to two pivotal leadership roles that catapulted her career. In early 2022, Carrick relocated to New York to serve as the Head of Marketing and Communications at Shillington Education. This move marked a significant turning point in her life and career as a marketing and creative strategist.

Carrick diligently networked with exceptional individuals and believed that true success in purpose-led businesses is built upon authentic networking and connections that give back to the communities. Her career is intertwined with her passion for social advocacy, particularly in the areas of accessibility to education, gender equality, and supporting innovative businesses. Her role as the Head of Brand and Partnerships at HoMie Social Enterprise exemplified her ability to elevate brands to a national scale. She successfully forged partnerships with renowned brands such as Champion and Disney, positioning HoMie on a global stage. Carrick’s efforts significantly increased private funding, donations, and the impact of HoMie’s social programs.

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As Head of Marketing and Communications at Shillington Education, Carrick faced the challenge of reviving enrollments in the aftermath of the pandemic. Her innovative strategies and leadership not only got registrations up but doubled them, setting the business up for global success in a competitive online market.

Throughout her journey, Carrick has actively addressed the challenge of gender bias in the creative industry. As a woman in leadership roles, she has faced gender bias in career growth and substantial gender pay disparities, as well as witnessing a severe lack of diversity and inclusion in the hiring process. These experiences have fueled her commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within her teams.

Carrick’s previous role at HoMie was marked by multiple awards, including the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards and the Australia Good Design Awards, and her time at Shillington resulted in the recognition of the school as one of the Top Graphic Design Schools in the United States by GDUSA.

Looking ahead, Laura Carrick hopes to continue partnering with creative businesses in the United States, aiding their growth and having a positive impact on the communities they serve. Her journey reflects an extraordinary ability in the fields of marketing and creative strategy, driven by a passionate commitment to social advocacy and a steadfast pursuit of success.

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