Lash BLVD Becomes One Of The Industry’s Top Eyelash Extension Suppliers As Founder Karen Martiz Leads Her Company With An Inspiring Mission

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Lash BLVD has become one of the top eyelash extension suppliers in the beauty industry, with a line of over 200 original products for sale in the market today, but the company didn’t become famous for its high quality tools and products overnight. With determination, self resilience and eagerness to learn, founder Karen Martiz slowly became one of the most respected lash artists, while she built the successful and continuously unique, Lash BLVD. Her products were created from her own experience as a lash artist and what she saw as she worked with her own clients.  Lash BLVD designs the best products in the industry to make lash applications better.

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In 2014, Karen Martiz was a single, immigrant mother of two who was putting herself through aesthetician school. She had big dreams of one day opening up her own business. Unfortunately, Karen didn’t have the support system necessary to help her pursue her dreams at the time. With a drive to prove herself to the world, Karen took on the extensive initiative that allowed her to establish one of the industry’s most respected companies. It all started with a building she saw for lease. Karen had not even received her aesthetician’s license when she took a leap of faith for her future and leased the workspace for what would soon become Lash BLVD. From that moment on, her goal was to prove what she had always been capable of: becoming a self made business owner. Karen’s inspiring business journey has empowered women to believe that they are capable of living out their dreams, no matter how hard or how far-fetched it may seem. Her mission is to help other women become successful and self-sufficient, proving to them that they too can build their own six-figure business, if they lead with dedication and passion.

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As Lash BLVD gained popularity and grew as a company, Karen wanted to produce the leading lash products available in the industry. This  was the beginning of the company’s own line of premium products. Karen ensured that Lash BLVD cultivated their products with the help of the world’s top-tier suppliers. Soon enough, Lash BLVD  created tools that have faster, easier applications and better retention times than their competitors. Today, Lash BLVD has over 200 products to offer in the market. They have released products from lash extensions, to tools, treatments and nourishing oils. Lash BLVD ensures safety and values ethics for all things lashes. Their items are all latex free, formaldehyde free, fragrance, cruelty and shine free, while being soft to the touch and flexible for all uses.

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As Karen Martiz’s empire expanded, she knew that she could go above and beyond by helping women to look and feel their best. That is why she began teaching everything that she had learned to the public. The Lash BLVD Lash Extension Training Online Program was created to give insight to those who wanted to learn more about the lash world, and be an easily accessible outlet to better their skills. Karen now trains over 2,000 students each year, creating more opportunities for these students, while also earning the title of best lash extension artist in her home state of Colorado, her goal since the beginning of her journey.

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